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 +====== Memmish ======
 +The planet Mem is in  the Holt system, and consequently the Memish are not an unfamiliar ​ sight in  the Procyon sector. Although they’re generally humanoid, the Memish have pitch-black eyes, and skin  that comes in  various shades of  blue, purple, and green. Instead of  hair  they  have  tentacles. ​ The Memish are able  to survive at extreme depths, and navigate ​ waters ​ with  virtually ​ no light available. They’re known  for  organizing in complex, extended ​ family ​ groups, and practicing ​ their  religion away  from  the light of  the Holt star. It involves ritual carving of their  scaled hides and imbuing ​ the carvings with carefully ​ tended bioluminescent deep-sea plant life. Here are some  things ​ you might expect a Memish ​ to be able  to do: 
 +0 STRESS: ​ Breathe ​ water. Hear  really ​ low  sound  waves. Swim incredibly ​ quickly. ​
 +1 STRESS: ​ Sense  the  flow  of  electricity ​ nearby ​ (a sense developed to hunt prey  in  the deeps). ​ This ability ​ might cost  0 stress ​ if you  and  your  target ​ are  both  underwater. ​ Use  your  deep-water muscles to lift  a  thug  one-handed. ​ Extend ​ rending ​ claws capable of filleting ​ sharkskin. ​
 +2 STRESS: ​ Navigate ​ flawlessly in pitch blackness. Survive in space unharmed ​ for  a short  while. ATTunE ​ to the  Way  to  sense  gravitic disturbances ​ (common ​ on  Mem)  and  the  relative ​ mystic ​ ability of  anyone nearby. ​
 +OpTIOnAl ​ RulE: When you are acting in  significantly warm  climates, take  level  2  or  level  3  harm  (based ​ on  how  hot  or  dry  it  is)  called “Memish ​ Weakness” and add a  gambit ​ to  your crew’s gambit pool. This  harm  can  be  removed ​ by being  immersed ​ in water for 24  hours. A  recovery ​ downtime activity with water available will remove this in addition ​ to any  segments ​ filled.
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