New Crobuzon Hero

Character ideas

Earlier this year I was involved in a New Crobuzon campaign using the Amber rules that inspired me to start writing up the setting for Hero. If ever there were a book series that was ideal for a roleplaying setting - it would be New Crobuzon (even more so than Lord of the Rings). Here are our characters from that game-

A Gentleman Vampire who's safe haven appears to be a Gentleman's Club (in the Victorian sense) but is actually the home base for several vampires, including his master and his rival. He has all the traditional vampire abilites, and , unlike every other character, resources.
My character, Garett met Mordred (and most of the others) while attempting to steal a book on weather control for The Khepri.

Okay - this one's not an original character at all, and I'm kinda ashamed he was mine. Straight out of Thief 2, including the arrows and the mechanical eye. But I can't help it - I like thieves, and this guy is the best.

Brother Cyclops
A homeless beggar and supplicant to one of the many churches in New Crobuzon. This unfortunate fellow was probably caught in a Torque storm at some time. He has high levels of regeneration - but this is offset by his constantly opening and closing wounds. He is unstuck in time and occasionally in his less-lucid moments can give out vital information. He can teleport and has been known to manipulate time - ie if there is a staircase built in a building in the future, he can climb it in the present. Brother Cyclops is hunted by one of the most skilled Biothaumaturges in the city for various reasons.

He's an ex-Militia captain who has been grafted to some kind of magical artifact - or was wearing one while he was caught in some kind of Torque event. The Shadowcloak could even be a Grindylow item. It allows the manipulation of shadows and the use of them for transport. He was also the main reason we had a series of demon-possessed hunting us. He has no memory of who he is or why they may be after him, he just appeared on the streets - naked except for his cloak.

The Khepri in our group was a secondhand bookseller who operated out of a cart/trailer that was hauled around the city by her bodyguard/servant - a Remade centaur type (I think they used Bull parts). The Khepri herself is a Remade, but has been able to hid the fact that the Biothaumaturges had put her head on a male's body. She could infact speak, but always hid this skill. Eventually she made a deal with the Biothaumaturge who was hunting Brother Cyclops (because he found him an ideal experiment subject) and have her head placed back on a Khepri body.
We never knew where either body was procured from.
This Khepri often employed my character, Garett for various things.

A freelance reporter for the independant (and illegal) Runnagate Rampant. He was the main investigator in one of the subplots about the building of a navy to go to war with the Grindylow (Our game was set sometime between the first and second books). His apartment was often used as a safe house by us, until we started needing protection as well, and we moved to Mordred's club. This reporter, however had uncanny abilities to persuade others and coerce them into doing things.