New Crobuzon Hero

Flora and Fauna

From unknown location-

Slake Moths
Brought to New Crobozuon by Mr. Motley, and eventually the Militia as well, for experimentation and drug production. Adult Slake-moths produce Dreamshit to feed their young.

Hero System writeup

North of New Crobuzon-

Prey Tree
This is a large, carnivorous tree similar in appearance to both a willow, and a skeleton. Animals are captured with its bone-like tentacles and dragged to its trunk, where the mouth is located. Parts of digested animals are used to adorn the tree as "Prey Fruit" to attract other animals. These parts are organically and thaumaturgically preserved for long periods of time (and are actually nutritional).
(from Iron Council)

A species of pig on which grow symbiotic grapes. These parasitical vines are highly valued for the wine they produce. The grapes rippen when the pigs rut. The Vineherds, the clannish tribes that shepherd these pigs and harvest them, are very agile and strong due to the nature of harvesting - they need to get in and take the grapes quickly without taking injuries.
(from Iron Council)

Giant Turtles
Huge land turtles that wander the countryside. Many have towns built on their backs.
(from Iron Council)

An uncivilised people living in swamps of Bas Lag. They appear to be a cross between humans and stick insects. Their name derives from their hunting methods, of waiting completely still in water, before spearing a fish with their hands. Their hands have tough, radial fingers with sharp nails that can be folded together to form a sharp point. Stiltspear also practics a version of somaturgy that enables the children Stiltspear to create small golems to play with, and the adult hunters to paralyze large prey. They also have a natural thaumaturgical ability to camouflage themselves as trees. Stiltspear communicate with clicks.