New Crobuzon Hero

Unique locations outside of New Crobuzon

The Scar
The impact rift where the Ghosthead Empire colided with the world creating a dimensional rift. Full of Torque energies. Located in the far northern sea. No one has ever returned from it.

The Stain
A permanent Torque area north of New Crobuzon. Torque is a dimensional "wrong" chaotic storm of magic. Occasional Torque storms wander throughout the world. The Stain, however is a large, permanent area. The cacotopic zone between the high Torgue areas and the healthy land is navigable by the very determined and was the passage taken by the Iron Council. The Militia will not enter the cacotopic zone of the Stain without great provocation. Random Torque energies that wander the zone will occasionally change non-living things to living, and vice versa. It will also warp and mutate. It can be implied that many of the "standard" races throughout the world are the result of Torque.

Smokestone Fields
Between the swamps and fields of New Crobuzon and south of the Stain are the Smokestone Fields. An area of variegated swirls and flows of grey rock. Smokestone may turn gaseous or can remain solid permanently. It's usual state is solid and it can be destroyed with explosives normally for mining. However occasionally a fault in the earth will open releasing new gasseous smoke-like Smokestone that can ossify the unwary - smothering, choking and finally permanently encasing.


Gnurr Kett

Dreer Samheer

Nova Esperium

Salkrikaltor City

High Cromlech