New Crobuzon Hero

Magic Items

The Possibility Sword
Found by Uther Doul in the ruins of the Ghosthead Empire. This weapon appears to be a sword made out of plastic and plugged into a powerpack. To use the sword you must learn the Possibility martial arts - which is a technique of creating opporutinites to attack, without making choices.
The sword instantaneously moves in all possible combinations of the wielder's choices, inflicting multiple wounds at the same time. Many of these wounds open and close from then on, as their possibilities change.
This is equivalent to a force wall and damage shield of very high level.

Grindylow Statue
Rather ugly foot tall statue of a deep sea fish that contains the fin of a Grindylow mage. To activate this item, you must tongue-kiss the mouth and feed it a drop of blood.
Transdimensional movement - between molecules (can be treated as desolidification+speed+invisibility+flight). Sideffect - icthythic mutation (you gradually develop sea creature parts/features/mutations). Note - this artifact is also addictive.
In relation to other Grindylow artifacts - this is regarded as a toy by them.

Toro's Helmet
A large heavy brass helmet that sits on the shoulders to which it is strapped. It is shaped like a bull's head. When worn it takes some blood from the back of the neck to power it. It becomes as light as cloth to the wearer, give some lowlight vision enhancement, disguises their voice to sound similar to a bull and the horns can be used to rend space.
Rending space allows two things - to push through a rip and teleport to a new location, or to tear open people's bodies (an HKA with range).
This helmet was worn by the leader of the Toro party - one of the more militant disident groups in New Crobuzon.

The Crisis Engine
A conglomeration of thaumaturgic and chymical batteries and difference engines used for the high level calculations involved in harnessing Crisis energy - the energy of changing from one state to another state, of which Potential energy is a subset. This is essentially an unlimited powersource usable for perpetual motion machines and the like. Treat as an unlimited END reserve capable of powering any device or magical spell if you have good enough engineering and thaumaturgic skills. There are sideffects of course - great levels of power are likely to short or overheat the engine unless sturdier materials are found.