Roleplaying Games



Newton's First Law
A Hero science fiction campaign based on lots of stuff

Western Shores
A Fantasy Hero campaign world based on the setting provided in the main rulebook

Masque of the Red Death
The transcript of a PBeM game based on TSR's campaign setting (Their version of Cthulhu by Gaslight).

The Dungeon of Sephiroth
The transcripts and other files of a PBeM game I ran set in the Western Shores, using FUDGE (although I didn't end up using any dice) roughly based around the Tree of LIfe and the ten Sephiroth.

Frederick (HTML)
My Aedelphi character. AD&D 2E

Trevor (HTML) Trevor (PDF)
The Amazing Trevor, Master of the Unseen (TATMOTU). My Masque of the Red Death character. AD&D 2E

Grappler Jones (PDF)
Cop/Media of notorious fame. Able to talk his way into or out of trouble. Cyberpunk

Gustaf von Shikklegrubber(PDF)Mad Scientist, never used. Falkenstein

Ten(XML) Sociopathic D20 fantasy character - chose rogue as it's the closest D20 gets to a believable class

Ten Level 2(XML)

Ten Level 3(XML)

Ten Level 5(XML)

Ten Level 11(XML)



Work in Progress