Primary guilds taken from Harn Guild Team

Apothecaries' Guild
Guild of Arcane Lore
Chandlers' Guild
Charcoalers' Guild
Clothiers' Guild
Courtesans' Guild
Embalmers' Guild
Glassworkers' Guild
College of Harpers
College of Heralds
Hideworkers' Guild
Innkeepers' Guild
Jewelers' Guild
Lexigraphers' Guild
Guild of Litigants
Locksmiths' Guild
Masons' Guild
Mercantylers' Guild
Metalsmiths' Guild
Millers' & Millwrights Guild
Miners' Guild
Ostlers' Guild
Perfumers' Guild
Society of Physicians
Pilots' Guild
Potters' Guild
Salters' Guild
Seamans' Guild
Shipwrights' Guild
Tentmakers' Guild
Guild of Thespians
Timberwrights' Guild
Weaponcrafters' Guild
Woodcrafters' Guild