Human Praises

Such a lovely that Freya must have smiled upon your birth.

So sweet is Hana that were a troll to trick a kiss from her, he'd convert.

My affection for thee has an unknown bottom, like Lake Celinad.

Mimir! Or a worldly paragon.

By every hair in my beard! 'Tis good to see thee.

Bragi steels his soul this day!

Thou hast monstrous balls, such that not even Odin could swallow.

She is dull, but has a well turned thigh.

Were I to die with you, I would be most happy.

She sits, as one risen from my dreams.

My purse, my person, my strongest means, are open to you.

Though she charm Thor from the sky with her words, she need but look at me.

I like your company, and would willingly waste my time in it.

You surely have a place in Aesir's court in the hence after.

You have the sweetness of far eastern dainties.

'Tis dandy to see you man.

I'd gladly empty cups with you, and assault Arindel the next morn.

'Tis said her look makes the daisies sprout.