Rules Notes

Just some notes to self on the campaign setting if I run it.

Package deals

Turakian Age, Fantasy Hero and Dungeon Hero (e.g. all have good things in them to be used/refernced

Players will have plain english character sheets. The GM has the Hero Spreadsheet version. However rules on character creation are still valuable, so I can keep NPCs consistent :)

That being said, here's some useful house rules with the following changes for Western Shores-

The Rule of 23:

This also includes Normal Characteristic Maxima. So points 20-23 cost double. And non-humans have variations on 23 (yet to be determined)

Interaction skills for different cultures:

A table will be made for culture vs culture AND race vs race (e.g. a race without facial expressions will get an additional negative to those of different cultures etc..)

Skill Enhancers

I don't have Dark Champions, so yet to be determined. Actually, I want to look at the whole concept of enhancers and the implication to specialisation. It could be fine - after all musical families and cop families are good examples of nature and nurture providing stereotypes/easy skills.

As to the rest of those house rules, I'll give them a further look later.


50 base, 75 from disadvantages.

Setting (non rules) notes-


Common in the far north, rare in the east and west, non-existant in the south (for various reasons).

Martial Arts

Common in the east, rare everywhere else. Un-armed martial arts are non-existant in the west.

In addition to Martial Arts - mystical/specialty moves are rare in the east and very rare in the west. Non-existant elsewhere.

Cultural equivalents


Is not rational, but is common. Most commonly animals and plants will use magic (at most about 30%). It is difficult to use rationally - therefore religions use magic more easily than magic users, because they don't try to understand it (it is a gift from the gods). Therefore magic users are rarer, but more powerful.

Ley lines

Ubiquitous. Dependant on belief and other supernatural factors. Can be tapped by any magic user, although religious suffer from specialisation. Use the table at -

Major races

Pretty much the same as the old Western Shores-

Another note on Dwarfs

They will not be a race, unlike most fantasy settings. I like the idea of traditional myths. Dwarfs are manufactured - they manufacture themselves. There are no female dwarfs - but then a dwarf isn't "male" by any biological definitions.


Orcs and Trolls are manufactured/spawned and not a race. There may be sentient life living underground - but I don't know if I like that yet. It seems silly to me (I mean, if you have a choice between living off the land in Europe or Antarctica - which would you choose? There would have to be compelling resources underground). Anyhow monsters as magic experiments, or accidental/intentioned travellers from elsewhere will certainly exist.

Character construction

Preferrably young characters with limited skills (ie an apprenticeship at best).


Sometime in the cycle after Sephiroth. Which means a few thousand years after the original Western Shores game - so at most, one or two characters survived. Most of the characters from Sephiroth are still around, but the PCs definitely do not want to bump into them :)


As before c_currency.php

Elven culture

Completely different from c_elves.php After all the plot of the first adventure was to change Elven history (if the players had kept at it).

Feline culture

The same as c_feline.php

Lizardmen culture

The same as c_lizardmen.php but ignore the package deal - the Drakine in Turakian Age are better.


Turakian Age and the Fantasy Hero Grimoires, possibly the Ultimate Grimoire as well. With modifications for Ley Lines (ie all spells must use endurance reserves and can be influenced by magical weather).


The same as c_months.php

Racial notes

The same as c_races.php with a further note that the Quintaglio from the Quintaglio Ascension series by Robert J Sawyer have some good ideas on reptillian societies.