The Western Shores Campaign


Feline - Religion

Feline religion is basically ancestor worship, honour, and survival of the strongest/ most cunning. The Elven equivalent is Avatar Justice (not a manifestation). Felines live in a matriarchal class/race based samurai society. Any Feline mage will only study magic to do with war. The closest they have to clerics are teachers of children, and they do not practice magic. Felines never use magic to heal wounds, though they can use magic to cure disease, as magic leaves no scars. Scars are honourable. Basic Feline society is like a cross between the Rift War world of Terawan (Kelawan?) and Kzin. The most likely Feline encountered on the Western Shores is a Cheetah scout. Other Races/Classes- Lioness soldier. Lion warrior/bodyguard/consort. Tigress warrior/ruler. Tiger warrior/assassin. Cheetah scout/messenger. Panther scout/assassin. Felines have an oral tradition of recording great heroes. Felines are born with no name, and must earn one. The longer the name, the more honour. Any Felines encountered on the Western Shores will most likely have a single word, one syllable name. Felines with no name are refered to by their duties. Felines usually behave like Graka (in Space Rangers).
17 September, 1996
Peter Cobcroft
The Western Shores Campaign