World of the Dungeon of Sephiroth


Brondheim lies to the north of Daria and south and west of the Lofty Mountains. It has never been completely settled. Even in the days of Celinadion colonization and annexation, Brondheim was considered uncivilized. After the collapse of the empire, the people of Brondheim reverted back to the clannish system of government they possessed before the Celinad rule. Brondheim is a land of huge, warlike northmen, the barbarian kingdom of the Western Shores. It's very viking. The land itself is covered with rough, forested terrain. Summer is short, lasting only from May through August. The mountainous northern and eastern regions are especially frigid, and nearly uninhabitable. Even winters in the lowlands are quite cold and snow is frequent. The costline is ragged with many impressive fjords (but NO signed glaciers)