World of the Dungeon of Sephiroth

Daemon's Cleft

The reason the Celinadion Empire collapsed, Daemon's cleft is a huge canyon nearly 150 miles long and apparently bottomless. From time to time, huge clouds of smoke and stinking gas issue forth from it. Its walls are made of craggy black and brown rock, which grows smoother further down. Expeditions in the days before the fall of the Empire never made it further down more than a few thousand feet before the walls became sheer. Even then the bottom was still not in sight. Those few expeditions which used flying magic never returned. Since the Fall, no serious attempts have been made to explore Daemon's Cleft, but there are many theories as to what it holds in its depths. Despite evidence to the contrary, some believe it merely a natural phenomenon. Some say that it holds the palace of a demon lord exiled to this plane, or perhaps a renegade god. Still others believe that it is the abode of an extra-dimensional sorcerer of great power. One widely held rumor holds that the cleft was formed when a glowing artifact fell from the sky. Some say that Crown Prince Ildanor was looking for this artifact when he led the expedition into the Cleft. Some believe that he found it, and that is why the Empire fell. Whatever the truth may be, there is no doubt that the Cleft has an evil aura about it. Malevolent creatures have always been drawn to it, especially in the days since the Fall. In recent years, large groups of orcs, trolls and worse have begun forming around the Cleft, and this is almost certainly a portent of evil times ahead.