World of the Dungeon of Sephiroth

Greatwood Forest

Greatwood Forest is the largest forest in the Western Shores and is also the ancestral home of the Elves. The Elves regularly patrol the borders of the furest, cutting themselves off with all friendly contact with non-Elves (except for some druids who they deemed non-threatening to the forest and allowed to stay). The Forest is home to all types of trees, though most found within are deciduous. All the trees inside are half again as tall as the same species located in other forests. Many scholars speculate that this is some magical effect, for neither the climate nor the forest soil seem remarkable. Greatwood is a hilly forest, being at the base of the Grand Range. It is extremely easy for a traveller who doesn't know their way around to get lost, as all of the wooded ridges begin to look alike after a while. Fortunately, the Elves and druids are usually more than willing to help out any lost travellers they come across (in the case of the Elves, this means taking them out of the forest, but they may choose where). Nymphs, dryads, centaurs and other creatures also roam the forest.