World of the Dungeon of Sephiroth

The Lofty Mountains

These are the tallest mountains in the Western Shores, with many peaks over 20,000ft. The highest peak is Mount Imperium (named in the days of Celinad), at 27,500 ft. There are no known passes over these mountains and they are thus very difficult to cross. The tops are almost always shrouded in clouds. While the Drakor Mountains to the south are the homes of orcs and goblins, the Lofty Mountains are the home of giants, gryphons, and dragons. The Storm King is said to make his home here, and the mountains are thus revered by Brondheimers. There may be some truth to this, as the mountains foster storms at all seasons of the year, and even the winter blizards which come down from them are always accompanied by thunder.