World of the Dungeon of Sephiroth


The closest town to Derisnospewn
Population 35,000
It's near the headwaters of the Celinadion River and often has trade caravans passing through on their way across Anarn.
It's surrounded by a stockade with 3 gates. The guards on the walls find strangers (especially the arrogant/intellectual or Elvish sort) very irritating. One of whom is named Kenneth.
One of the local inns is known as the 'Lounging Dog', 'Sleeping Dog' or 'Reclining Fox' depending on the education of the local you talk to - run by an elf named Lotan who tends to finish people's sentences. The in is fairly expensive but quite nice. Crime is up in Trell.
This small city is not a pretty sight, and has been on the decline since the fall of the Celinadion Empire. Trell is filled with criminals, barbarians and other unsavory types. Only nominally part of Ambria, Trell is almost completely controlled by criminal gangs. The official ruler, Duke Whympul, is a spineless man and an embarrassment to the Lord Regent.