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 +======The Book of the War======
 +{{:FactionWebsite:bowcover.jpg|The Book of the War}}
 +=====An All-Purpose Guide to the Modern Spiral Politic=====
 +'The War (and at this stage it remains the War, not yet having enough of its mass in a single region or era to be given a more specific title) has now been in progress for fifty years. The dead are already numbered in their billions; the retro-dead will never be counted; the surviving participants are best described not as wounded" but as "changed". A timeline has been provided, although increasingly observers describe the War as a shape rather than a sequence of events, a map of causality much like the ones used by the Great Houses themselves...' "
 +====Series Overview====
 +Layered, intellectual and loaded with skull mask-wearing people racing about in a very New Orleans-style fashion, the Faction Paradox novel range is a string of stand-alone books occurring throughout the FP universe as described in The Book of the War. The first book in the series, [[FactionBook2|This Town Will Never Let Us Go]] by Faction Paradox creator Lawrence Miles, is a stand-alone book featuring the 19-year-old Inangela--a city-dweller under observation by Faction Paradox's elders and archons.
 +Before this story's done, Inangela learns the truth about cities: The things that build them and the half-formed, all-devouring things that lie in wait beneath the streets, tracing the invisible patterns of the world above. It's an urban folktale of rituals, monstrosities and all-night snackbars, meaning anyone who reads [[FactionBook2|This Town Will Never Let Us Go]]  is guaranteed to be seeing secret messages in the road-signs for weeks to come.
 +[[FactionBook2|This Town Will Never Let Us Go]]  published in October 2003. The second book in the series, [[FactionBook3|Of the City of the Saved...]] by Phil Purser-Hallard, focuses on an inexplicable haven for humanity at the end of this Universe--was published at the end of April. Other Faction Paradox novels include [[FactionBook4|Warlords of Utopia]] by Lance Parkin and [[FactionBook5|Warring States]] by Mags L. Halliday. 
 +A fan made apocrypha is now available online here - [[:dronid:start]]
 +====Reading Order====
 +[[FactionBook1Reading|Design Specs for the Advanced Reader]]
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