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 +======The Laws of Time======
 +{{parent page=FactionRoleplaying}}
 +And the Rules Governing the Great Houses from the Worshipful and Ancient Law of the Homeworld.
 +**Note**: ​ Faction Paradox treats these laws as curious guidelines.
 +The Laws of Time give the Time Lords the divine purpose of serving Time itself by maintaining the continuity/​history of the fabric of the space-time continuum and the causality of the Universe. ​ They claim that this service is their right because they were first humanoid culture to naturally evolve.
 +I. No being shall distort History as he knows it.  You can't alter the Past.  This is the most important Law of the Time Lords. ​ This is a moral as well as legal law.
 +A. No being shall interact with his own personal history by traversing their time streams.
 +1. No being shall murder their past self.  This is the ultimate violation of the Laws of Time. 
 +2. No being may come into contact with his past self.  The Temporal Disturbances caused when this occurs require tremendous amounts of temporal energy to repair. ​
 +3. No Gallifreyan shall meet another Time Lord whose incarnations is out of sync with there own timestream. ​ This prevents damage to space time.
 +4.  Seding notes to your past self to give them advice (even if you remember receiving the note) is forbidden. ​
 +   ​*Note:​ Interacting with a person who knows your future isn+»-+-+t technically breaking the law as long as you don+»-+-+t take advantage of the person+»-+-+s knowledge. ​ Limited communications with a Time Lord out of sequence is also not specifically prohibited.
 +B. (Also known as the Doctrine of Non-Intervention) No being on Gallifrey or on any other planet shall interfere with the Web of Time (intergalactic history), as it is currently known. Observation from within the micro-universe of a TT Capsule or Gallifrey is all that is permited.
 + 1. The History of any person or planet, as it recorded in the Matrix, can not be chronoformed (the deliberate rewriting/​distorting of history) to alter its destiny. ​ This is defined as changing any part of the Web of Time by not less then fifty-three millistates.
 + 2. All Time Lords shall follow a Doctrine of Non-interference with Time Unaware races.
 + 3. All Time Lords shall work to prevent Time Aware Races from aquiring Gallifreyan Technology.
 + 4. All Time Lords shall work to prevent Time Active Races from damaging the Web of Time.  Disturbances of .4 or higher on the Bocca Scale must be prevented.
 + 5. It is forbidden for Gallifreyans and Lesser Species to interbreed. ​  
 + 6. ?? 
 + 7. A Time Lord who destroys an entire species forfeits his remaining lives - and thus his title of Time Lord.   
 + ​*Note:​ This was created not to preserve life but to prevent the massive damage to History that genocide would cause. ​
 +II.  No being shall participate in the creation of a Temporal Paradox
 +A. No Time Lord shall use Power of Creation
 + 1. No Time Lords shall use the Power on a scale that would corrupt Time. 
 +B. No being shall create a Grandfather Paradox
 +C. No being shall cause a Dimensional Paradox by tranporting sentient beings from one version of History to another. ​
 +III. The Protocols of Linearity: No Time Lord shall travel into Gallifrey'​s past. 
 +*Note: This prevents anyone from traveling into Gallifrey+»-+-+s past, and ensures that a Time Lord's personal time is always synchronized with Gallifrey+»-+-+s time. Though impossible to travel into the past, it is possible to collect and transport objects from the past to the present. ​ These protocols are not physical laws per say, but rather engineered by powerful Temporal Baffels, Backtime Field Buffers, Temporal Locks and Governing Circuits built into all their time travel technology. ​ A side effect of this law is that other time zones observed by a traveling Time Lord becomes linked with Gallifrey+»-+-+s time.  In Lungbarrow the Doctor took a 3 day side trip from events and returned minutes later. ​ This might be a power all Presidents have.  Robert Scarrit will also do this during the war but he has to keep it a secret to avoid punishment. ​
 +IV. No Time Lord shall travel into Gallifrey+»-+-+s future. ​ To do so would be a theoretical absurdity. ​
 +V.  Whilst there are any number of Futures beyond the Time Lord Time Parameters (defined by their noosphere) none maybe deliberatly shaped by a Time Lord.  Travel beyond the Time Parameters is forbidden - due to psychological affect of watching the heat death of the universe and to avoid the temptation of studying the next universe. ​ The Time Parameters reach from around 3500 years after Event 0 (the Big Bang) to 10,000,000 AD and cover most of Space.
 +VI. Unauthorized use of a TARDIS carries a mandatory Death Penalty (This might mean they only take one life).
 +A. It is forbidden to allow non-Time Lords into a TARDIS.
 +VII. Protocols of Observation:​ No Time Lord shall interact with his own future.
 +A. No being may come into contact with his future self.
 +  *Note: ​ It is impossible for a being to see his own future in his own biodata. ​ An attempt to do so will cause the observation to collapse, making the knowledge useless. ​
 +VIII.  No Time Lord shall use time travel for their personal convenience.
 +  *Note: This law of time isn't really enforced and most renegades view it as a trivial.
 +A. No use of Short-Hops to shorten his personal perception of time. (the Blinovitch Limitation Effect help prevent violations of this law)
 +B. No use of Temporal Orbits or +»-+-+Vortex Drifting+»-+-+ to elongating his personal perception of time.
 +C. No using time travel to win at the lottery. ​
 + ​1-6. ​ various etiquettes.
 +??   There are articles of emergency power that govern possible alien activity. ​ They allow the investigation of even the President.
 +??   The Golden Rule: No alien shall be allowed to spying on Time Lord activities. ​
 +Article 17. No Time Lord shall be barred from offering himself as a candidate during a Presidential Election.
 +Article ??   ​Elections must be held within 48 hours if a President dies without naming a sucessor
 +*Note: Inagurations usualy take years to organized. ​
 +XCIII. ?
 +2. After a journey of 400 years and 12 parsecs a Time Lord is allowed 50 years of rest. 
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