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 +======The Multiverse======
 +{{parent page=FactionRoleplaying}}
 +=====Our Universe=====
 +====Normal Space====
 +====Hyper Space====
 +====The Vortex====
 +====Conceptual Space====
 +  * **The Matrix**
 +    * The great computer matrix housed on the Homeworld. ​ It can be used to predict the future by simulating the universe. ​ Biodata must be modified by the Sash of Rassilon in order for the President to be able to interface correctly.
 +  * **Mictlan**
 +    * The land of the dead.  Where the Celestis reside.
 +=====Other Universes=====
 +In the Miles Cosmology<​html><​sup>​(1)</​sup></​html>​ there are many different universes floating around in a kind of meta-dimensional sea known as Ur-Space"​. ​ There are things living in Ur-Space as well, some of whom invaded our universe when it was young and were fought off by the Great Houses. ​ This is known as the Yssgaroth "​incident"​. ​ In regular parlance - it was the Vampire invasion that the Timelords repelled. ​ See [[FactionAncient| Crimes Against History:​Ancient History]]."​
 +Other universes are NOT parallel universes - nor are they Shadows as they defined in the Amber roleplaying game.  Instead they are child universes that share common ancestry. ​ Universes can give birth to other universes. ​ The universes that are close to each other in Ur-Space are ones that tend to be incredibly similar in their development because they share the same Unigenes. ​ Unigenes are similar to Biodata and DNA - a set of inherited traits that determine the development and/or timeline and fate of that universe. ​ The presumption here is that while universes are not living beings as such, there will develop within a universe lifeforms capable of creating new universes.
 +Universes further away in Ur-Space become progressively weird until you get to places where humanoid brains could not function.
 +Universes do not effect each other. ​
 +The Great Houses regard it as anathema to even think about attempting to contact the Great Houses (or equivalents) in other universes.
 +  * **The City of the Saved**
 +    *  This city is outside the universe, between the current universe and the next.  Roughly the size of a galaxy and containing parks the size of worlds and special environments the size of solar systems. ​ The city is roofed with a dome that fades from black to white to simulate the day and night cycle. ​ The city contains every subspecies of human that had or ever will live, including humans that were written out of history by the actions of time travellers. ​ After a human dies, they wake up in the city in an ageless invulnerable body that resembles what they most identify themselves as - even if this includes cyberwear or a missing hand.  The city is divided into regions where like subspecies or cultures tend to gather together and form and identity.
 +<​html><​sup>​(1)</​sup></​html>​ - mostly taken from Lawrence Miles' essay in his book Dead Romance.
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