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 +A human colony world on the outer fringes of the galaxy. ​ Interested in media and entertainment above all else they cut themselves off from the rest of the human empire. ​ Faction Paradox infiltrated the society through their media, eventually creating [[FactionRemote|the Remote]].
 +The House Military'​s violent Second Wave wiped Ordifica out of existence so completely that it left a hole in history, and in order to prevent the Yssgaroth from getting through the hole and back into the Spiral Politic, it was covered in a shell of Highest Entropy Matter (also known as [[FactionCold|Cold]] or validium), matter that requires vast amounts of energy input just for basic particle interaction to begin. HEM is harvested from the end of the Universe by nechronomancers,​ who are regarded as pariahs within House society for their belief that past and future do not exist in any significant sense.
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