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 +======List of Homeworlders======
 +With thanks to [[|Jess]] and [[|William B. Swift]], [[|TARDIS index file]], [[|Doctor Who Reference Guide]]
 +Legend of the styles used and the authority priorities (ie if someone appears in an audio and a book, only the book reference will be listed)
 +  * **Bold text** (OTV) - Original Television Series
 +  * __Underlined text__ (NTV) - New Television Series
 +//Italic text// - Books and Magazines
 +  * (NA) [[|New Adventures]]
 +  * (DWM) [[|Doctor Who Monthly]]
 +  * (EDA) [[|Eigth Doctor Adventures]]
 +  * (PDA) [[|Past Doctor Adventures]]
 +  * (MA) [[|Missing Adventures]]
 +  * (REF) Reference book
 +Normal text - Audio
 +  * (BBC) [[ BBC|audio drama]]
 +  * (BF) [[|Big Finish]]
 +  * (BBV) [[|Bill & Ben Video]]
 +''Monospace text'' - Other or authority not yet found, or found but not yet entered
 +    * (FASA) FASA roleplaying game
 +    * (W) Website
 +======Founding Time Lords======
 +**Rassilon**((OTV: The Deadly Assassin)) \\
 +**Omega**((OTV: The Three Doctors)) \\
 +//The Other//((NA: Cats Cradle-Times Crucible, Lungbarrow)) \\
 +Vandekirian (Assistant to Omega)((BF: Omega'))
 +=====Governing Body of Gallifrey (The Homeworld)=====
 +**Andredloomsagwinaechegesima** ("Andred" or "Andredosselis", Castellan, husband of Leela)((OTV: The Invasion of Time)) \\
 +Annos (Acting Castellan)((BF: Mindbomb)) \\
 +''Arkendo'' (Cardinal)((FASA)) \\
 +**Borusa** (Cardinal, Chancellor)((OTV: The Deadly Assassin)) \\
 +**Darkel** (Inquisitor)((OTV: Trial of a Time Lord)) \\
 +//Delox// (Patrex Chapter, Chancellor)((PDA: Divided Loyalties)) \\
 +**Engin** (Co-ordinator)((OTV: The Deadly Assassin)) \\
 +**Flavia** (Prydonian Chapter, Chancellor) ((OTV: The Five Doctors)) \\
 +//Franilla// (Cardinal)((PDA: Divided Loyalties)) \\
 +**Gothaparduskerialldrapolatkh** ("Goth" Prydonian Chapter, Councillor / part-time CIA)((OTV: The Mind Robber)) \\
 +**Hedin** (Chancellor)((OTV: The Arc of Infinity)) \\
 +//Helron// (Cardinal)((DWM 100)) \\
 +**Hilred** (Commander of Chancellery Guard)((OTV: The Deadly Assassin)) \\
 +**Kelner** (Castellan)((OTV: The Invasion of Time)) \\
 +//Lenadi// (Cardinal)((NA: Lungbarrow)) \\
 +Leabind (Cardinal)((BF: Lies)) \\
 +//Lode// (Castellan)((NA: Love and War)) \\
 +Luvis (Cardinal)((BF: Omega)) \\
 +//Marnal// (Castellan)((EDA: The Gallifrey Chronicles)) \\
 +Matthiascivandren ("Mathias", Cardinal that becomes President)((BF: Fractures, Warfare, Appropriation, Mindbomb, Panacea)) \\
 +**Maxil** (Castellan, Commander of Chancellery Guard)((OTV: The Arc of Infinity)) \\
 +**Morbius** (Head of the High Council)((OTV: The Brain of Morbius)) \\
 +Morissa (Cardinal)((BF: Lies)) \\
 +//Pandad// (Cardinal)((DWM 100)) \\
 +**Pandak III** (President)((OTV: The Deadly Assassin)) \\
 +Raldeth (Commander of Chancellery Guard)((BF: The Sirens of Time)) \\
 +//Rannex// (Castellan)((PDA: Divided Loyalties)) \\
 +**Romanadvoratrelundar** ("Romana", President)((OTV: The Ribos Operation)) \\
 +**Savar** (President)((OTV: The Invasion of Time)) \\
 +//Sendok// (Cardinal)((PDA: Divided Loyalties)) \\
 +//Socra// (Prydonian Chapter, Chancellor)((DWM 100: The Legacy of Gallifrey)) \\
 +**Spandrell** (Castellan)((OTV: The Deadly Assassin)) \\
 +Tachen (Cardinal)((BF: Lies)) \\
 +Taranwynterdastant ("Wynter", Castellan)((BF: Lies)) \\
 +//Temus// (Castellan)((REF: The Gallifrey Chronicles)) \\
 +**Thalia** (Arcalian Chapter, Lord Chancellor)((OTV: Arc of Infinity)) \\
 +//Theorasdavoramilonithene// ("Theora", Patrex Chapter, Chancellor of Time Present)((NA: Lungbarrow)) \\
 +//Tortheth// (Cardinal)((PDA: The Quantum Archangel)) \\
 +Valyestreandurnomar ("Valyes", Cardinal, Chancellor, Acting President)((BF: Lies, Insurgency, Fractures, Warfare, Appropriation, Mindbomb, Panacea)) \\
 +//Voran// (Dromeian Chapter, Castellan)((PDA: The Infinity Doctors)) \\
 +//Zass// (Cardinal)((PDA: Divided Loyalties)) \\
 +Zero (Cardinal)((BF: Circular Time)) \\
 +**Zorac** (Lord Cardinal)((OTV: Arc of Infinity))
 +=====Celestial Intervention Agency (Celestis)=====
 +//Ailla// (CIA)((MA: The Dark Path)) \\
 +''Alistanathcalebiviteth'' ("Stan", Arcalian College, CIA) \\
 +//Cavisadoratrelundar// ("Cavis", Patrexes College, CIA)((EDA: The Shadows of Avalon)) \\
 +''Cavoristaliteras'' ("Cavor", CIA) \\
 +''Deliavatsuds'' (A lord in the CIA tribunal) \\
 +''Drasilinilevitaz'' (CIA) \\
 +''Ferrain'' (Lord, CIA) \\
 +//Gandarotethetledrax// ("Gandar", Patrexes College, CIA)((EDA: The Shadows of Avalon)) \\
 +''Kurstelliafastikson'' ("Kurst", Patrexes Chapter, CIA) \\
 +''Landinalakallinian'' (Professor and assistant sub-chief of Militant Intervention Research) \\
 +''Loribetcazistanopilain'' [F] ("Loribet", CIA) \\
 +Narvin (Co-ordinator, head of CIA)((BF: Gallifrey, Weapon of Choice, Pandora, Appropriation)) \\
 +''Qualenawitvanastech'' (Chief of Muitihistorical Research, CIA) \\
 +''Sentris'' (Head of CIA) \\
 +//Serenadellatrovella// ("Serena", CIA)((PDA: World Game)) \\
 +''Tragdorvigan'' (Psi Investigator, CIA) \\
 +//Vansell// (Co-ordinator, head of CIA)((PDA: Divided Loyalties))
 +=====House of Lungbarrow=====
 +''Almund'' \\
 +''Arkhew'' \\
 +''Celesia'' \\
 +''Chovor'' \\
 +''<html>DeRoosifa</html>'' \\
 +''Farg'' \\
 +''Glospin'' \\
 +''Innocet'' \\
 +''Jobiska'' \\
 +''Luton'' \\
 +''Maljamin'' \\
 +''Owis'' \\
 +''Quences'' (Head of House) \\
 +''Rynde'' \\
 +''Salpash'' \\
 +''Sattaltrope'' \\
 +''Glospninymortheras'' \\
 +''Gomer'' \\
 +//Homunculette// \\
 +Iris Wildthyme [F] \\
 +//Irving Braxiatel// (Prydonian Chapter, Cardinal) ((NA: Theatre of War)) \\
 +''Jasko'' \\
 +**K'anpo Rimpoche** ((OTV - first appearance Planet of the Spiders)) \\
 +**Leelandredloomsagwinaechegesima** [F] ("Leela" after she takes up a Gallifreyan name, wife of Andred, Human) \\
 +''Leoradrusendalular'' [F] (Prydonian) \\
 +''Rath'' (Brother of Goth) \\
 +''Rodan'' (Friend of Leela) \\
 +''Rollonovaradnavashir'' ("Rollo") \\
 +''Ruathadvorophrenaltid'' ("Ruath", "Ruadvorophrenaltid", Prydonian, New Blood) \\
 +**Runcible** (Reporter) \\
 +''Savar'' \\
 +''Solis'' \\
 +''The Magician'' \\
 +''Volusagashanisam'' (Citadel guard)
 +**Azmael** (Co-ordinator of the Matrix)((OTV: The Twin Dilemma)) \\
 +''Genniploritreludar'' [F] (Teacher at the Academy) \\
 +''Pandorastrumnelliahanfloriana'' [F] ("Pandora") \\
 +''Ralenitumistagidav'' (Director of Engineering Studies) \\
 +''Vanideliumistada'' (Doctor of Sociology) \\
 +''Verikasdroverka'' [F] ("Verika") \\
 +''Verostephocalen'' (Scientist)
 +Salyavin (Professor of Chronology, Professor Chronotis)
 +===The Deca===
 +**Drax**((OTV: The Armageddon Factor)) \\
 +**The Doctor** ("Theta Sigma", "John Smith", part-time CIA in 2nd to 6th regenerations((OTV: The Deadly Assassin, The Two Doctors))) \\
 +//Jelpax//((PDA: Divided Loyalties)) \\
 +**The Rani** [F] ("Ushas")((OTV: The Mark of the Rani)) \\
 +**The Master** ("Koschei", House Oakdown)((OTV: Terror of the Autons)) \\
 +**The Meddling Monk** ("Mortimus")((OTV: The Time Meddler)) \\
 +//Rallonwashatellaraw// ("Rallon", possessed by The Celestial Toymaker, House Stillhaven)((PDA: Divided Loyalties)) \\
 +//Millennia// [F] (House Brightshore)((PDA: Divided Loyalties)) \\
 +//Vansell// (Co-ordinator, head of CIA)((PDA: Divided Loyalties)) \\
 +**The War Chief** ("Magnus")((OTV: The War Games))
 +==Doctor's Family==
 +''Mamlaurea'' (Nanny to Susan) \\
 +**Susan Foreman** (Granddaughter)((OTV: An Unearthly Child)) \\
 +__Jenny__ (Daughter)((NTV: The Doctor's Daughter)) \\
 +''Patience'' (Wife) \\ 
 +__River Song__ ("Melody Pond", Wife)((NTV: The Wedding of River Song)) \\
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