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04 The Characters

The players other than the Grandfather play the protagonists of the game. They are all members of Faction Paradox.

  1. Have a look at the Character Playbooks
    • The Chosen One (an Idealist)
      You are the last scion of Faction Paradox. A character for the headstrong and driven.
    • The Citizen (a Postmortem Investigator)
      This is not your first life. You've been to heaven and back for a reason.
    • The Diplomat (Diplomat)
      Not every solution has to be a violent solution and some of the convoluted complex solutions do actually work occasionally. Plus there's always fear and intimidation.
    • The Fighter (Generalist)
      You are the timeline frontline. More than one player may be a Fighter.
    • The Homeworlder (Noble)
      Despite being a Great House approved member, there's a lot of stigma attached to being Gallifreyan.
    • The Killer (Brute)
      You were the terror of the galaxy and now you're a time terrorist. You were a Dalek, Cyberman, Sontaran or some other warmongering symbollic representation of fascism.
    • The Leader (Mastermind)
      This group is your group, you are the leader. You have responsibility for the coterie and the only vote.
    • The Potential Recruit (not yet a member)
      You don't know where you fit into the Faction yet. This playbook is mostly blank and used as a placeholder for when you eventually are recruited.
  2. Each Playbook has a number of Character Backgrounds listed you can choose from. Each has a move attached.
    • The Citizen has specific backgrounds that also determine which Signature Move you have
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