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 This area of the rules includes the following chapters: This area of the rules includes the following chapters:
 {{indexmenu>.#1|nsort tsort js#bj-tango.png}} {{indexmenu>.#1|nsort tsort js#bj-tango.png}}
 +=== Doctor Who ===
 +How this game relates to the almost 70 year history of the BBC franchise of Doctor Who
 +=== It's Magic ===
 +Magic in this game is more blatant (but still not fantasy RPG level) than in Doctor Who, which frequently infers the Arthur C Clarke law on any sufficiently advanced science.
 +=== The Characters ===
 +How a player in the game can create their character.
 +=== The Coterie ===
 +How the characters may be grouped together to form a team.
 +=== The Grandfather ===
 +What to do if you are the player in charge or running the plots for the game.
 +=== The Players ===
 +A brief description of who plays this game.
 +=== The Setting ===
 +A brief description of the setting.
 {{tag>rules basics}} {{tag>rules basics}}
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