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01 The Basics

Because… there are monsters in the world, Justine. They can walk the Earth without seeming any more real than fairy-stories. They make their plans while everyone else is asleep, and they can move the walls of the maze without anybody ever knowing it. And sometimes… one has to be those monsters. – Godfather Morlock

The Game

Powered by the Paradox is a game about a group of courageous or even foolhardy idealists attempting to survive and thrive in the fringes of the most significant war in the universe between powers terrible and unimaginable.

As a player you will participating in missions given to you by higher ranks in the Faction - to travel to far places and distant times and do risky and objectively absurd and irrational tasks.

As the Grandfather, you will be enabling the multiverse of time and space, creating wonder and danger - and keeping player interactions with everything relatively consistent.


This area of the rules includes the following chapters:

Doctor Who

How this game relates to the almost 70 year history of the BBC franchise of Doctor Who

It's Magic

Magic in this game is more blatant (but still not fantasy RPG level) than in Doctor Who, which frequently infers the Arthur C Clarke law on any sufficiently advanced science.

The Characters

How a player in the game can create their character.

The Coterie

How the characters may be grouped together to form a team.

The Grandfather

What to do if you are the player in charge or running the plots for the game.

The Players

A brief description of who plays this game.

The Setting

A brief description of the setting.

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