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 +======Avalomhilly Release Notes======
 +{{parent page=GamesBoard}}
 +version 1.1 added a help statement about the space key
 +version 1.2 fixed a Dice problem
 +version 1.3 decided to make the QUIT key RED
 +version 2   SAVE LOAD added 
 +version 2.1 Reedit of source Reduced File Siz from 11mb to 1.4mb
 +version 2.2 corrected Pickup bug now it picks up Markers First
 +version 2.4 overview Map added
 +version 2.5 altered help file and added extra help in overview map
 +version 3.0 corrected some minor bugs
 +version 3.1 added Overview Map Select board Location to Jump to
 +version 3.2 Jump to in overview Improved
 +version 3.3 jump in overveiw improved again
 +version 3.4 just a few code updates
 +version 4   found a bug in Picking up pieaces now works fine
 +version 5   Scroll Speed greatly Improved
 +version 6   Impemented a Secret SlowDown for future because of Fasters PCs in the Future
 +        just right click by Mark Ainsworth 210665" and the scroll speed will drop"
 +version 7   Just about at Final build decided to make the Dice have dots
 +version 8   Flip counters added few this was a hard one . the file gamecounters.bmp" has an"
 +         opposite side flippedcounters.bmp" while holding a counter you can press"
 +                             control and Flip it COOL!
 +Version 9   Fliped counters now Remain Flipped When you pick up a fliped counter
 +Version 10  Created a 52 card deck for card games.
 +Version 11  added 3 decks of 52 cards, if for example your playing a 10 card game just copy
 +          10 cards 5 times and add not used message! the decks are editable put your own
 +           image in
 +Version Twelve added Dice and Card Recording for PBEM Games, use the special dice marker,
 +            place it on the map where the action is, now LeftClick it, and record Dice
 +                  throws and Card Draws! you can now Save and pass the gamesave file in the
 +               directory \save\gamesave and everthing reloads
 +version 13 redundant update
 +version 14 startup message
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