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 +======Dungeon Master======
 +<html><a rel="license" href="">
 +<img alt="Creative Commons License" style="border-width:0" src="" />
 +<br />This work is licensed under a 
 +<a rel="license" href="">Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License</a>.</html>
 +Number of Players: 2-8\\
 +Inspired by [[|Dungeon Keeper]]\\
 +  *
 +  *
 +=====Object of the game=====
 +The goal of Dungeon Master is to destroy the Dungeon Hearts of the other players
 +==Necessary Abstractions==
 +For those familiar with the Dungeon Keeper computer game, some license must be made to keep this boardgame playable-
 +  * Creature  movement is not tracked on the board
 +    *  Creatures are moved to locations with a Call to Arms spell or with the Hand of the Dungeon Master
 +    *  Creatures have a number of rooms they prefer to hang around where they may be encountered
 +    *  Creatures have a speed (often based on level which dictates how quickly they appear at a Call to Arms and how quickly they seek their pay on PayDay.
 +    *  Creatures may attack each other if natural enemies and assigned to the same lair (a smaller chance if not)
 +  *  Imp movement  is not tracked on the board
 +    *  Imps form a pool which dictates how quickly new work is started
 +    *  The levels of an Imp dictate how quickly work is finished (they are assigned tasks)
 +    *  Unassigned Imps have a chance to be killed as they wander corridors randomly (dependent on how dangerous the dungeon is)
 +  *  Trap and door movement from workshop to setup location is not tracked
 +    *  Interception by enemy forces is abstracted
 +  *  Rooms come in three size types, in order of efficiency- Non-square, 3x3 and 5x5
 +    *  If a room is big enough to include a 3x3 or 5x5 square area, it counts as a 3x3 or 5x5 no matter the additional shape
 +  * Creatures and Imps have three levels (1, 2 or 3)
 +  *  Morale is abstracted to each creature type, rather than individual creatures.
 +    *  Lower level creatures will abandon the dungeon before higher level creatures.
 +  * Research and Manufacturing is simplified and only some creatures may do either.
 +Dungeon Masters start with the Dungeon Heart which includes the 4 Imps and enough storage for 2000 gold.
 +==Home Territory==
 +Each player receives a "Home Territory" (HT) board which consists of a 30x30 grid.  On this grid they must mark various locations:
 +  *  their Dungeon Heart (5x5)
 +  *  an Entrance Portal (3x3) 
 +  *  two Gem tiles (1x1 each)
 +  *  two veins of Gold (1x5 each)
 +  *  one river (10 tiles that form a meandering line)
 +  *  one lava pool (12 tiles that join and have a minimum width of 2 tiles)
 +  *  two impenetrable rock walls (1x3 each)
 +These items must be placed such that they are 2 tiles away from any edge or any other object, and 5 tiles away from the Dungeon Heart
 +  * HT boards are hidden from other players.
 +==Neutral Ground==
 +Between each HT are Neutral Grounds (NG).  Neutral Grounds are 20 tile wide strips between each Home Territory board.
 +  * NG boards are viewable by every player
 +==== The Dungeon====
 +  * [[DMRooms|Rooms]] - what they cost and what they do
 +  * [[DMSpells|Spells]]  - what they cost and what they do
 +  * [[DMImps|Imps]] - tasks that Imps can be assigned
 +  * [[DMCreatures|Creatures]] - all about the dungeon employees
 +=====Turn Sequence=====
 +  -  Dungeon Design
 +    *  Imps
 +    *  Breakthroughs
 +  -  Combat
 +    * Traps
 +    *  Doors
 +    *  Spells
 +  -  Maintenance
 +    * Morale
 +    *  Food
 +    *  Pay
 +====Dungeon Design====
 +===Map tiles===
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