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Number of Players: 2-6 Please note that this version is basically a variant of Settlers of Catan

Object of the game

The goal of Fiefdom is to accumulate 11VP


Keep: the central hexagon in the fief Coast: The outermost 24 hexagons of the fief Fief: The abstracted land shown on the building map. Hex: One of the 61 hexagons of a fief Region: One of the six marked areas of a fief. Each region contains 10 hexes.


  • Activation Roll
    • If the region rolled has no player in it, then treat the die roll as if it had been the player's region
    • Gather resource(s) produced by activation roll
    • Trade with other players if you have a port
  • Construction
    • Build buildings and roads within your region


  • 2 white hex d6
  • 1 blue region d6


Each player receives 1 of each resource and two random resource producing buildings (not improved) from their pool Each player has their own region of the fief. Each player has a pool of one of each building, 4 feature buildings,2 straight roads, 2 curved roads and 2 crossroads.

Rolling 7

Rolling 7 on the hex dice behaves the same as it does in Settlers of Catan-

  • Every player with more than 7 resources loses half of them, rounded down
  • Highwayman - place the highwayman figure on the road of another player. That player may not activate the road while that highwayman is there. You must take a random resource from that player.


Name of building - effect

  • Resource producers - 1VP, Cost: 1 stone, 1 wood, 1 cloth, 1 food
    • Farm - produces 1 food when activated
    • Pasture - produces 1 cloth when activated
    • Quarry - produces 1 stone when activated
    • Mine - produces 1 metal when activated
    • Forrester - produces 1 wood when activated
  • Improved resource producers (replaces an existing resource producer) - 2VP, Cost: 3 metal, 2 food
    • Mill - produces 2 food when activated
    • Weaver - produces 2 cloth when activated
    • Mason - produces 2 stone when activated
    • Blacksmith - produces 2 metal when activated
    • Carpenter - produces 2 wood when activated
  • Utility buildings - these buildings do not require activation to function, but if activated have an improved function - 1VP, Cost: 1 metal, 1 cloth, 1 food
    • Market - trade 3 resources of the same type for 1 resource of any type. If activated trade 2 resources of the same type for 1 resource of any type
    • Port - trade with any other player with a port. If activated then you may trade with either of the two adjacent players whether they have a port or not.
    • Sheriff - move the highwayman back to the keep in your turn if it is on one of your roads. If activated, you may move the highwayman from anywhere to a road of your choice as per a roll of 7 and steal a resource.
    • Feature - does nothing, but is worth 1VP
  • Roads - roads function as a multi-activator. When a road is activated, every building connected to that road is activated (usually its two end points) - even if those buildings are in different regions and therefore belong to other players. The player with the most roads in their region receives 2VP. A road may only activate another road if their connections meet (e.g. two straight roads still only have 2 connections at either end of the line). A road of any length may not activate the same building more than once per activation, even if multiple connections join to that building.
    • Straight Road - two connections on opposite sides, Cost: 1 stone, 1 wood
    • Curved Road - two connections within three hex sides of each other, Cost: 2 stone, 2 wood
    • Crossroads - four connections, Cost: 3 stone, 3 wood


Region-free players variant- Any player may build in any region. When you build something, place a marker on it to show it's yours. The owner of the longest road is the one who owns the most road sections in the longest road. There are now no 'non-player' regions, and if a region is rolled with nothing in it, no one receives resources. gallery_showalbum_fiefdom2files

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