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 +======The Fourth Dimension Curufea Variant======
 +{{parent page=GamesBoard}}
 +<html><a rel=license" href="">"
 +<img alt=Creative Commons License" style="border-width:0" src="" />"
 +<br />This work is licensed under a 
 +<a rel=license" href="">Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License</a>.</html>"
 +The main difference between my version and the [[ original]] is that I've expanded the Timewarp move to include travelling backwards in time.
 +1 Board
 +For each player : 
 +~1 Timelord (T), 2 Guardians (G), 3 Rangers (R), 6 Warriors (W), 1 Timewarp marker (TW)
 +~In addition for the new rules:
 +~~1 Future Timelord (FT), 1 Future Guardian (FG), 1 Future Ranger (FR), 1 Future Warrior (FW)
 +The game is won by the first player to capture the other player's Timelord (or Future Timelord).
 +There are two kinds of move that must be performed in a player's turn: A **normal move** and a **timewarp**.  
 +  * Either of these two moves may be performed first in a turn.  
 +  * The same piece may not be used for both kinds of movement
 +  * If you are reduced to just two pieces (the Timelord and one other) then you need not preform a Timewarp move in your turn.
 +===Normal Move===
 +All pieces move only one space orthoganally.  They may not move diagonally.
 +  * A piece may not enter the same space as any other piece, except a Timewarp marker.
 +One of four different kinds of Timewarp move are permissable: Beam Up, Beam Down, Beam Back and Navigate the Vortex.  Each Timewarp move has prerequisites that must be met.
 +>>==Beam Up==
 +Prerequisites -
 +~There must be **none** of your pieces in your Vortex, there must be **none** of your Future pieces on the board, and your Timewarp marker must **not** be on the board or in the Vortex
 +   - Move one of your pieces to the number 1 spot in your Vortex.
 +   - Place the Timewarp marker where your piece was.
 +Note: If your Timelord is in the Vortex while all your other pieces are captured, your Timelord is regarded as captured.
 +<<==Beam Down==
 +Prerequisites -
 +~There **must be one** of your pieces in your Vortex, there must be **none** of your Future pieces on the board, your Timewarp marker **must be on** the board
 +   - Move your piece from your Vortex to an empy space within two orthogonally adjacent spaces to your Timewarp marker.
 +   - Remove the Timewarp marker from the board.
 +Note: If you Beam Down adjacent to one or more elligible enemy pieces you may choose to capture one of them.  This capture is an additional capture as your piece is classified as haveing moved"."
 +>>==Navigate the Vortex==
 +Prerequisites -
 +~There must be either **one of your pieces in your Vortex**, or your **Timewarp marker must be in the Vortex**.
 +  * If you have a piece in the Vortex, move it a higher number.
 +    * If the piece would move beyond 3, it must **Beam Down** instead.
 +  * If your Timewarp marker is in the Vortex, move it to a lower number so that it represents the distance between the current and Future pieces.
 +    * If the marker would move below 1, remove it from the Vortex.<<
 +==Beam Back==
 +Prerequisites -
 +~There must be **none** of your pieces in your Vortex, there must be **none** of your Future pieces on the board, and your Timewarp marker must **not** be on the board
 +   - Place one of your Future pieces within 2 spaces orthogonally of your piece that it represents.  You must notify your opponent which piece the Future piece represents.
 +   - Place your Timewarp marker on the numbered Vortex space according to the distance between your current and Future pieces.
 +   - Every turn, you must move your current piece one space closer to your Future piece as your **normal move**.
 +   - When the piece must move into the same space as the Future version of itself, remove the Future version from the board.
 +Note: On the initial Beam Back, the Future piece may capture as though it had moved" the Future piece may never make a **normal move**.  If the Future or the current piece is captured before they can meet, remove both pieces from the board."
 +(W) or (FW) can capture (T) or (FT)
 +(R) or (FR) can capture (W) or (FW)
 +(G) or (FG) can capture (R), (FR), (W) or (FW)
 +(T) or (FT) can capture (G), (FG), (R) or (FR)
 +  * A capture is made by either moving a piece orthogonally adjacent to an elligible enemy piece, beaming next to an elligible enemy piece, or by having elligible enemy pieces adjacent at the beginning of the player's turn.
 +    * If there are already pieces orthogonally adjacent and elligible to be taken before a player moves, they may capture all of them.
 +  * During a player's turn they may make one capture only with the piece the player moves, no matter how many elligible pieces they move next to.
 +  * Capturing pieces is always optional.
 +  * A **normal move**, a **Beam Down** and a **Beam Back** all count as moves from which a capture can be made.
 +====Board Setup====
 +{{image alt=Board setup" title="Board setup" url=""}}"
 +{{gallery showalbum=FourthDimension"}}"
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