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 +====== Guard Cards ======
 +| Back to [[hiddenmovement]] |
 +These cards are used to influence the guards in the game.  Either to reduce the risk to your thief, or increase the risk to another player's thief.  
 +  * Unless otherwise stated, a Guard Card can be played on any guard on the table.
 +  * You may have a maximum of 6 Guard Cards in your deck.
 +  * Guard Cards are bought with **Gold Coins** {{ :games:board:gold-coin-2017072636-2400px.png?100|Gold Coin}} from **Thief Cards** in the **Resource Phase**, or obtained by **Pick Pocketing** a guard in the **Players Movement Phase**
 +  * Guard Cards cannot be used to buy other Guard Cards.
 +  * Guard Cards are played instead of Thief Cards in the **Players Movement Phase**
 +  * Guard Cards, once used, go to the discard pile and are reshuffled when there are no more Guard Cards left.
 +  * You do not have to reveal the actual location of your thief if you play a card that says "within line of sight of your thief".
 +===== Cards =====
 +^ **Adjust Rigging** \\ {{:games:board:guardadjust.png?100|Adjust Rigging}} |  x2  | For the remainder of this **Turn** you can ignore the effects of carrying a treasure. | **Cost 3** |
 +^ **Art** \\ {{:games:board:guardart.png?100|Art}} |  x2  | A **Bored** guard examines a piece of art and becomes **Distracted**. | **Cost 1** |
 +^ **Diligent** \\ {{:games:board:guarddiligent.png?100|Diligent}} |  x2  | The next guard that would change from **Pursuing** to **Returning** status remains in **Pursuing** status for another Guard Movement Phase, moving forward another two hexes if it can.  If it can't move, it remains stationary. | **Cost 1** |
 +^ **Hip Flask** \\ {{:games:board:guardhip.png?100|Hip Flask}} |  x2  | Change an **Interested** or **Alert** guard to **Bored** status. | **Cost 1** |
 +^ **Lockpicks** \\ {{:games:board:guardlockpicks.png?100|Lockpicks}} |  x2  | You can move your thief through any **Special Hex** on the map tile you are currently on with normal movement cards as well as a **Rope Arrow** card.  Discard this card when you leave the map tile.   | **Cost 3** |
 +^ **Moss Arrow** \\ {{:games:board:guardmoss.png?100|Moss Arrow}} |  x3  | Next **Players Movement Phase** you may play a **Run** card and run without making any noise. | **Cost 1** |
 +^ **Noise Arrow** \\ {{:games:board:guardnoise.png?100|Noise Arrow}} |  x2  | Place your **Thief Marker** on a hex within line of sight of your thief.  This will cause any guard within line of sight of the marker to treat it as a spotted thief. | **Cost 2** |
 +^ **Taffer making noise** \\ {{:games:board:guardtaffer.png?100|Taffer making noise}} |  x2  | Choose a map tile, all the **Bored** or **Interested** guards on the map tile are now **Alert**.  | **Cost 2** |
 +^ **Thrown Rock** \\ {{:games:board:guardthrown.png?100|Thrown Rock}} |  x2  | You throw a rock within line of sight of your thief.  Place a Rock {{  :games:board:rock_web.png?100|Rock}} counter.  All **Alert**, **Bored** and **Interested** guards on that map tile are now **Alert** and turn to face, as directly as they can, the rock.  They remain stationary unless they spot a thief until the next **Guards Movement Phase** then return to normal. Then remove the rock counter. | **Cost 2** |
 +^ **Trip** \\ {{:games:board:guardtrip.png?100|Trip}} |  x2  | A **Pursuing** guard falls over and spends the next **Guards Movement Phase** stationary. | **Cost 2** |
 +^ **Water Arrow** \\ {{:games:board:guardwater.png?100|Water Arrow}} |  x3  | You put out a torch.  Place an **Extinguished Torch** {{  :games:board:extinguished_torch_web.png?100|Extinguished Torch}} on a hex within line of sight of your thief.  No thief can be spotted on that hex.  But if a guard moves onto the hex, remove the counter and if a thief is there, the thief is caught. | **Cost 1** |
 +==== Advanced Cards ====
 +  * (x1) **Art**.
 +  * (x2) **Hip Flask**
 +  * (x1) **Diligent**.
 +  * (x1) **Moss Arrow**.
 +  * (x1) **Noise Arrow**. 
 +  * (x1) **Taffer making noise**.
 +  * (x1) **Thrown Rock**.
 +  * (x1) **Water Arrow**. 
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