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 +==Chaos God==
 +__Unit Type__: God\\
 +__Cost__: 10\\
 +__Number__: 1
 +==Chaos Dwarf Chief==
 +__Unit Type__: Blade General \\
 +__Cost__: 5\\
 +__Number__: 1
 +==Giant Troll Champion==
 +__Unit Type__: Behemoth\\
 +__Cost__: 10\\
 +__Number__: 1
 +==Chaos Champion==
 +__Unit Type__: Paladin \\
 +__Cost__: 10\\
 +__Number__: 1
 +==Chaos Knights==
 +__Unit Type__: Knights\\
 +__Cost__: 7\\
 +__Number__: 2
 +==Rats and Lizards==
 +__Unit Type__: Beasts\\
 +__Cost__: 5\\
 +__Number__: 2
 +==Minions and Monsters==
 +__Unit Type__: Hordes\\
 +__Cost__: 2\\
 +__Number__: 2
 +=====God Special=====
 +There are several Chaos Gods.  Each one gives a different bonus.  The player uses a random God each turn.
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