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 +======Movement in The World======
 +{{  :hotgmoveworld:move.png|Move angles}}
 +Turning 45 degrees costs 2 squares of movement.  If using fractions then this is about 1.6 \\
 +Turning 90 degrees costs 3 squares of movement.  If using fractions then this is about 3.1
 +If you lose your Stronghold, you may not place any new units in [[HotgWorld|The World]].\\
 +When placing a new Stronghold, it must be as far away from every other Stronghold or enemy unit as possible.
 +Each General generates 1D6 Pips per turn.  An army can only have one General for every 75 points of size.\\
 +If an army loses it's General, Pips may only be bought in [[HotgRealm|your Realm]]
 +====Pip Costs====
 +  *  Move element or group of elements (groups must move straight ahead, wheel or form column only) **1** 
 +    *  Extra if element or group contains Aerials or Magician **+1**
 +    *  Extra if general is lost or element or group is out of sight and >12 away or greater than 24 away **+1** 
 +  *  Deploy Lurker (1st time) **1** 
 +    *  Deploy Lurker (2nd time) **2** 
 +      *  Deploy Lurker (3rd time) **3** 
 +  *  Replace Horde **1** 
 +  *  Replace desorcelled Magician or Hero **6** 
 +  *  Deploy a single God **6** 
 +  *  Deploy all Dragons **6** 
 +  *  Bespell **2** 
 +  *  Aid Bespelling **1** 
 +Sneakers can pass or be passed through by anything.\\
 +Magicians can pass through any friends.\\
 +Gods can pass through any elements\\
 +Ground troops can pass under friendly aerials or enemy Fliers or Aerial Heroes, but not if they are in close combat.\\
 +Aerials not recoiling can pass over any ground troops and cannot end a move in woods or BUA.\\
 +Recoiling aerials cannot pass over any troops or through woods or BUA.\\
 +Mounted can pass through friendly foot facing in the same or opposite direction.
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