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 +======Procedural Mapping======
 +{{parent page=GamesHTHAD}}
 +(lots of good sources in roguelike games)
 +  * [[ Delving a connected cavern]]
 +  * [[ Irregular Shaped Rooms]]
 +  * [[ Caves]]
 +  * [[ Map Generation]]
 +  * [[ Articles at roguebasin]]
 +The concept here is to have a form with lots of HTHAD-based variables that will generate a number of images of caverns of various sorts, with contents.  Ideally I want the generate a top-down view as well as a side view for the game for players wishing to make a full RPG map.  A top-down would also help with generating perspective.
 +Initially there'll be a number of sizes available 72DPI for online viewing and printing out to counters for those wanting to use the images for pen-and-paper play, 300 and 600 DPI for the hardcore mappers who use photoshop or other graphic editing program.
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