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 +======Mecha Bots======
 +<html><a rel="license" href="">"
 +<img alt="Creative Commons License" style="border-width:0" src="" />
 +<br />This work is licensed under a 
 +<a rel="license" href="">Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License</a>.</html>
 +The concept behind this game is the construction of warrior robots that fight each other.  But the mechanics of the construction are different.  Hexmap based.\\
 +Inspired by <html><a href=""><img src=""></a></html>\\
 +**Number of Players**: 2+\\
 +**Type of Game**: Abstract Tactical (Steampunk?)
 +  * [[MechabotsChassis|Bot Chasis cards]]
 +  * [[MechabotsBots|Bot Figures]]
 +  * [[MechabotsScientists|Player figures]]
 +  * [[MechabotsComponents|Bot Component Counters]]
 +  * [[MechabotsStatus|Status Cards]]
 +=====Object of the Game=====
 +Destroying all other Mad Scientists in order to dominate the city, or their creations.
 +A Bot consists a chassis card on which components are placed.  
 +  * [[MechabotsBuilding|Building Bots]]
 +  * [[MechabotsSample|Sample Bots]]
 +  * [[MechabotsScientist|Building your Mad Scientist]]
 +===Starting a game===
 +**For each player**
 +  * **Mechabot**---2 Boiler, 1 Weapon:Damage, 3 Sensors:Accuracy or Range, 1 Armour:Protection or Resistance, 3 Mobility:Speed and 1 Accessory:Seat.
 +  * **Mad Scientist**--Enough hit points of each type to build their Mad Scientist and $20
 +**For the board**
 +  * **Bank**---$6
 +  * **Shop**---1 Boiler, 1 Weapon:Damage, 1 Weapon:Range, 1 Sensor:Accuracy, 1 Sensor:Range, 1 Armour:Protection, 1 Armour:Resistance, 1 Mobility:Speed, 1 Mobility:Type
 +  * [[MechabotsTerrain|Terrain]]
 +  * [[MechabotsResources|Resources]]
 +  - Shops restock phase
 +    * Any shop that has no Bots within 3 hexes of it builds a random component.
 +    * Any bank that has no Bots within 3 hexes of it earns 1D6 money.
 +  - Players 
 +    - Mad Scientist phase
 +      * Spend the phase Controlling the Bot (ie do nothing) or Program Bot if in the same hex as their Bot
 +      * Move
 +      * Buy or sell at a shop
 +      * Add or remove a component from their Bot if in the same hex.
 +      * Drop or pickup a component that has been left in the street.  Components may not be dropped anywhere else (but may be sold at Shops).
 +    - Bots move phase
 +      - Bots move according to the Player if controlled, or according to their Program if programmed. The lightest Bot acts first (the one with the least components).
 +      - Bots react to sensor scans. The lightest Bot acts first (the one with the least components).
 +      - Bot combat.  The lightest Bot acts first (the one with the least components).
 +  * [[MechabotsProgram|Programing Bots]]
 +  * [[MechabotsDamage|Damaging Bots]]
 +  * [[MechabotsPersonaldamage|Damaging Mad Scientists]]
 +  * [[MechabotsRepair|Repairing Bots]]
 +  * [[MechabotsHealing|Healing Mad Scientists]]
 +=====Winning the Game=====
 +  * If your Mad Scientist dies, you lose.
 +  * If your Bot dies (the central hex in destroyed), you lose.
 +  * If you have the sole surviving Mad Scientist and Bot, you win.
 +===Expanded Rules===
 +[[MechabotsAdvanced|Advanced Rules]]
 +Mad scientist original counter design by William Scarvie
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