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 +  * damage counter
 +  * Mana counter
 +  * **Wizard paper miniatures for the Map **(different colours for different players)
 +  * **Current shape**, **Amorphous Blob** and Target shape counters for the Chart  (different colours for different players)
 +  * Weapon counters (rocks, tree branches or actual weapons)
 +  * shape special Power counters (ink, web, breath, flame)
 +  * Spell Effect Counters ( Slow, Restricted to Mammal, Bird/Reptile, Amphibian/Fish and Magical)
 +  * Artifact Counters ([[MetamorphManafonts|Mana Fonts]], [[MetamorphKeyofsoloman|Key of Soloman]])
 +**Note**: Wizard images are photographs of painted miniatures taken without permission from the website
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