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 +======Spell List======
 +<table border="1"><tr><th width="5%">Spell</th><th width="19%">Morph</th><th width="19%">Heal</th><th width="19%">Slow</th><th width="19%">Restrict</th><th width="19%">Teleport</th></tr>
 +<tr align=left><th>Level</th><td>1</td><td>2</td><td>3</td><td>4</td><td>5</td></tr>
 +<tr align=left><th>Range</th><td>None</td><td>None</td><td>INT hexes</td><td>INT hexes</td><td>Map</td></tr>
 +<tr align=left><th>Effects</th><td>Self</td><td>Self</td><td>One enemy</td><td>One enemy</td><td>Self</td></tr>
 +<tr align=left><th>Duration</th><td>Until maintentance cost is unpaid</td><td>Instant</td><td>D6 turns</td><td>D6 turns</td><td>Instant</td></tr>
 +<tr align=left><th>Description</th><td>It takes 1 turn per difference in shapes to change.  While changing shape, you are a vulnerable amorphous blob.  If your current shape is damaged, you must pay 1 additional point for each health point of damage.</td><td>Heal INT health</td><td>The target's speeds are reduced to half, rounded down.</td><td>The target may not change to any other shape that is not in their current class.  i.e. if they are currently a mammal, they may only change into other mammals.</td><td>Move counter immediately to a chosen map hex within Line of Sight that contains no other counters.</td>
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