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Board Games

Own Creations


Fiefdom Resource management

Tower Defense

Tower Defense An attempt at turning a computer game genre into a board game

Dungeon Master

Dungeon Master Similar in concept to my card game, DungeonBuilder but trying to get as close as reasonably possible to the multiplayer version of the computer game Dungeon Keeper


Trove Mentioned in passing as an amusing pun of Trovial Pursuit by a work colleague. However - I think it has game potential.

Storm the Castle

Storm the Castle Players are groups of peasants bent on bringing down the mad scientist in his evil mansion. Inspired by the World Works paper model of Shellendrak Manor.

My Wedding

Cyber Wedding v2 What happens when you gather a bunch of geeks and their families, dress them up according to different time periods and perform a wedding? Well, the obvious of course - an invasion by Cybermen who think there is time travel technology present. Prepare to be upgraded.

Aliens in my Pocket

Aliens in my Pocket My variant of Jeremiah Lee's Zombie in my Pocket game. With an Aliens theme and longer playtime.

Morituri te Salutant

Morituri te Salutant (10% done) Possibly this could be viewed as Battle Bots 2“. There's elements of Wings of fury in it now. I like the concept of different decks for different people.”

Battle Bots

Battle Bots v2 Heavily inspired by Robo Rally. Each player has a robot that is programmed with cards. Whenever the robot is damaged, a card is removed.

Mecha Bots

Mecha Bots The concept behind this game is the construction of warrior robots that fight each other. But the mechanics of the construction are different. Hexmap based.


Rollerball v4 A single route/multiple route game. I imagine a square board with multiple concentric rings.


Colosseum Offcuts How to play with the little square bits you would normally throw away from the Colosseum boardgame.


Thief (30%) Inspired by the various Thief games from Looking Glass Studios that have been part of my favourite computer games of all time. I really should have started designing a boardgame about them well before now.

Good vs Bad

Good Vs Bad (10%) A variable boardgame in somewhat similar style to monopoly. Inspired by Tales of Thrilling Adventure, but more abstract than pulp.

The 4th Dimension

The Fourth Dimension Curufea Variant (100% complete) Not really a game I've invented - but my own variant version of the original TSR game that came out in 1979. The original game is listed here-

Hordes of the Gods

Hordes of the Gods (10% complete) A boardgame in the style of a computer RTS (real time strategy) game using the rules for Hordes of the Things as the base.


Metamorph (80% complete) A game of shapechanging mages in a fantasy setting


Hellraiser (40% complete) A board and card game similar to Betrayal at House on the Hill.

The Great Machine Beta

A tile placement and rat feeding experiment game. (50% complete)

Creative Writer

A monopoly type game about game design. (100% complete, but needs rewriting)

Other Games

Nightmare House

  • Nightmare House - The re-visioning of the ARES magazine haunted house board game

Dungeon Twister

  • CoTwister - A co-operative dungeon exploration variant of Dungeon Twister. For 1+ players (1 expansion or base game required for every 2 players)


Things I've made for the piecepack system

How to Host a Dungeon

God of Mini Wars and Avalomhilly Mark Ainworth now has his own website with the latest versions of these two freeware games he's written-

Medieval Manor

Car Wars

Renegade Car Wars - my Carwars variant using armour and weapon ideas from Renegade Legion.


Battletech - things for campaigns


Stonehenge - New rules!


Battlestations files and supplements

Robo Rally

Roborally helpful rules summaries, variants etc..


The Avalon Hill Dune Boardgame

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