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 +======Book Keeping======
 +^ Go back to [[thiefgame]] ^
 +=====Owner Player=====
 +    Boredom---If a guard has reached the end of their [[ThiefgameguardsPatrols|Patrol Route]], check to see if they become bored.
 +    New Rooms---Place any rooms that are within the LOS and FOV of any thief.
 +    Old Rooms---Remove any rooms that are at least 3 rooms away from any thief and not within LOS or FOV.
 +    Distractions---Resolve any off map distractions.  Distracted guard off map return to their duties.
 +    Pursuit---Any guards that are off map and in pursuit status change to alert status (Alert-Return) and begin returning to their patrol route.
 +    Off Map Movement---Mark the movement of all off map/undetected guards and civilians.
 +    Visibility---Check to see if any guards or civilians have moved onto the visible map, if so - place an unknown marker on the visible map for them.
 +    On Map Movement---Place a destination marker for each guard, civilian and unknown marker on the map.
 +=====Thief Player(s)=====
 +    On Map Movement---Place a destination marker for your thief.
 +    Healing---If you used a healing potion last turn, restore your thief back to full health.
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