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 +======Patrol Routes======
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 +=====Types of Route=====
 +There are three types of patrol route for a guard to follow-
 +   - Stationary
 +   - Back and Forth
 +   - Circular
 +====Stationary Route====
 +A stationary guard either does not move their field of view (FOV), which is the most likely cause of boredom - or they rotate their FOV by looking down different direction over time, which is slightly less likely to cause boredom.
 +  * **No rotation**
 +    * Boredom: 5
 +    * Check: Every 3 turns
 +  * **180 degree rotation**
 +    * Boredom: 5
 +    * Check: Every 6 turns
 +  * **90 degree rotations**
 +    * Boredom: 4
 +    * Check: Every 6 turns
 +====Back and Forth====
 +There are a starting and ending point for this route along which the guard travels.  When reaching the end point, the travel back along the same route.
 +    * Boredom: 4
 +    * Check: At each start and end point
 +A circular route is a loop that is only ever travelled in one direction by a guard.
 +    * Boredom: 4
 +    * Check: At the end of each complete loop
 +=====Rolling for Boredom=====
 +Whenever a Check time is reached, roll the guards Boredom Tolerance number of dice.  If you achieve at least one success (ie the die is equal or higher than the Boredom) the guard is not bored.
 +===Off Map Boredom===
 +Guards that have not yet been seen by any thief need not roll for Boredom.
 +=====Off Map Patrols=====
 +Any guard patrol route that is not on the table should be represented on the Owner's map.  Each turn's waypoint (where the guard will be or will be facing) should be marked.
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