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 +======Battleground:​ Fantasy Warfare======
 +{{parent page=GamesCard}}
 +  * [[http://​​boardgame/​18985/​battleground-fantasy-warfare Boardgame Geek]]
 +  * [[http://​​ Official Homepage]]
 +  * [[http://​​ Artist Website]]
 +The decks and extras I own for this game system (as BGG doesn'​t list them all yet)
 +  * All, except for the Historics, the Scenario Booklet and the Dark Elves (which are due out later this year)
 +=====DIY Unit Cards=====
 +  *  [[http://​​Wikka/​uploads/​BattlegroundFantasy/​card.svg Prototype SVG card]]
 +  *  [[http://​​Wikka/​uploads/​BattlegroundFantasy/​4cards.svg Four SVG cards showing unit graphics]]
 +  *  [[http://​​Wikka/​uploads/​BattlegroundFantasy/​index.html Prototype Battle Report]]
 +The first step in making machine generated unit cards.
 +  * [[BattlegroundUtilities]]
 +Useful items for Battleground.
 +Cards for the tech tree / campaign building part of the Kingdom expansion - as a possible way of showing expansion without using the chart for buildings.
 +  * [[KingdomDwarves|Dwarves of Runegard]] cards
 +  * [[KingdomElves|Elves of Ravenwood]] cards
 +  * [[KingdomHighElves|High Elves]] cards
 +  * [[KingdomLizardmen|Lizardmen]] cards
 +  * [[KingdomHawkwood|Men of Hawkshold]] cards
 +  * [[KingdomOrcs|Orc Army]] cards
 +  * [[KingdomUmenzi|Umenzi Tribesmen]] cards
 +  *  [[KingdomUndead|Undead Army]] cards
 +==Generic Cards==
 +{{gallery showalbum=BattlegroundFantasy"​}}"​
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