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 +======Dungeon Master Imps======
 +{{parent page=DungeonMaster}}
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 +Imps use a status board to show where they are assigned.
 +====Dungeon Building====
 +Any Imp in this category will be used for digging tunnels and mining gold as a high priority, ​ reinforcing walls as their secondary priority. An Imp can dig its level in tiles, or reinforce its level in walls (ie level 3 Imp can reinforce 3 walls per turn).
 +====Gem Mining====
 +Imps in this category will do nothing but mine gems.  Three imps per side of a gem tile may mine it.  An Imp can mine $100 times its level per turn.  Imps are assigned to particular gem tiles.
 +====Hostile Takeover====
 +Imps in the category are assigned rooms in enemy dungeons and will do their best to convert them to friendly rooms. ​ Conversion time is based on Imp level and room size.  Rooms are converted from Enemy to Neutral and then from Neutral to Owned. ​ Multiple Imps can be used on the same room.
 +=====Idle Pool=====
 +Any Imps unable to perform other tasks come here. They will retrieve dead and unconscious creatures back to Lairs, Prisons or Graveyards as appropriate. ​ Any items manufactured in workshops will be moved to locations. ​ Any enemy Imps attempting a Hostile Takeover will be thwarted (the Imps will re-convert rooms back to friendly).
 +**Level 1 Imp**
 +  * Dig 1 tile/turn
 +  *  Reinforce 1 wall/turn
 +  *  Mine $100/turn from a Gem tile
 +  *  Convert 3 tiles/turn
 +  *  Move a creature or item 10 tiles/turn
 +**Level 2 Imp**
 +  * Dig 2 tiles/turn
 +  *  Reinforce 2 walls/turn
 +  *  Mine $200/turn from a Gem tile
 +  *  Convert 6 tiles/turn
 +  *  Move a creature or item 20 tiles/turn
 +**Level 3 Imp**
 +  * Dig 3 tiles/turn
 +  *  Reinforce 3 walls/turn
 +  *  Mine $300/turn from a Gem tile
 +  *  Convert 9 tiles/turn
 +  *  Move a creature or item 30 tiles/turn
 +CategoryGames CategoryDM
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