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 +======Dungeon Builder Trap Types======
 +{{parent page=DungeonBuilder}}
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 +=====Trap Types=====
 +Traps may be placed on any dungeon room that doesn'​t have a monster or trap on it already.
 +Traps start with 1 charge, when they run out of charges, they are removed from the dungeon and discarded.
 +===Basic Traps===
 +  * {{color fg=#​FFFFFF"​ bg="#​900090"​ text="​Purple"​}}"​
 +    * **Pit trap**---Str 1 does not work on Mage
 +    * **Spike Trap**---Str 1 does not work on Fighter
 +    * **Poison Dart Trap**---Str 1 does not work on Cleric
 +    * **Deadfall Trap**---Str 1 does not work on Thief
 +    * **Fear Trap**---Str 2 (affects morale only) does not work on Paladin or Illusionist
 +    * **Whirling Blades**---Str 2 does not work on Barbarian or Ranger
 +Each upgrade to a trap adds 2 charges and 1 strength.
 +After the third upgrade, the trap is regarded as a deep hole with spring-loaded sides, tripwires, whirling knife blades driven by water power, broken glass and scorpions (DHSSTWKBWPBGS) and cannot be autokilled by a Thief.
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