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 +<​html><​img src=http://​​Wikka/​uploads/​Gloom/​Gloom_logo.jpg"​ width="​50%"></​html>"​
 +Gloom, while fun, suffers from three major drawbacks-
 +  * The rules on the cards are sometime ambiguous.
 +  * The writing on the card is sometimes too small and illegible.
 +  * The hidden information is sometimes visible through the card.
 +So, I'm thinking of making my own non-plastic non-transparent versions of the cards with larger font and less ambiguous text.
 +Note, I own the first printing of the game, I understand the second printing has more legible writing. ​ As an owner, I will be making this set for my own use only.  The following pages are not open to the general public as it would be a breach of copyright. ​ They are for my own personal use only, while I create my own cardset.
 +  * GloomFamilies
 +  * GloomUnwelcomeGuests
 +  * GloomResidences
 +  * GloomMysteries
 +  * GloomEvents
 +  * GloomUntimelyDeaths
 +  * GloomModifiers
 +Images are from [[http://​​game/​12692 Boardgame Geek]]
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