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 +{{parent page=Gloom}}
 +  * GloomFamilies
 +  * GloomUnwelcomeGuests
 +  * GloomResidences
 +  * GloomMysteries
 +  * GloomEvents
 +  * GloomUntimelyDeaths
 +  * GloomModifiers
 +<​tr><​th>​A Chance to Begin Again</​td><​td>​Discard all the Modifiers on one living character.</​td></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​th>​A Cunning Plan</​td><​td>​You may play one additional card of any type this round. ​ If the card is a Myster, you may ignore one of the icon requirements.</​td></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​th>​A Noble, Stupid Sacrifice</​td><​td>​As a response, cancel any one card as it is played. ​ This card's player must then discard three cards from their hand.</​td></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​th>​A Second Chance</​td><​td>​Cancel one Untimely Death as it is played or remove and discard an Untimely Death from a dead character.</​td></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​th>​A Stormy Night</​td><​td>​Draw four cards. ​ Play one card, then discard until you reach your current draw limit.</​td></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​th>​A Tragic Misunderstanding</​td><​td>​Choose two living characters and swap their top Modifiers.</​td></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​th>​An Unpleasant Surprise</​td><​td>​Remove the top Modifier from one living character and discard it.</​td></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​th>​Body Thief</​td><​td>​Coose one of your living characters and any one dead character. ​ Both are removed from play and provide no Pathos points.</​td></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​th>​Dead Man's Party</​td><​td>​You may play one Modifier on a dead character.</​td></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​th>​Digging Up the Past</​td><​td>​Search the discard pile and add any card of your choice to your hand.</​td></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​th>​Fickle Friends</​td><​td>​Move one living Guest to a family of your choice.</​td></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​th>​Haunted Housewarming</​td><​td>​Move one Guest, whether living or dead, to your family.</​td></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​th>​Lucky Stiff</​td><​td>​Remove the top Modifier from one dead character and discard it.</​td></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​th>​Misfortune Favors the Old</​td><​td>​You may play up to two additional cards this round. ​ They must be Untimely Deaths or Modifiers with negative Pathos points.</​td></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​th>​Smoke and Mirrors</​td><​td>​Cancel an Event as it is played.</​td></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​th>​Suspicious Departure</​td><​td>​You may discard this card and a Guest attached to your family to cancel the effects of any card as it is played. ​ The Guest is removed from the game.</​td></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​th>​The Butler Did It</​td><​td>​Remove and discard the top Modifier from one living character. ​ If you have a mystery icon character you may remove and discard the top Mystery from one Residence instead.</​td></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​th>​The Malevolent Masquerade</​td><​td>​You may exchange all the Modifiers on any one living character with thone on any one living Guest.</​td></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​th>​The Root of All Evil</​td><​td>​Draw one card from each opponent'​s hand and immediately play those you wish, keep the rest.  You must have a living character with the lucre icon to play this card.</​td></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​th>​Those Meddling Kids</​td><​td>​Remove and discard the top Mystery from one Residence of yoru choice.</​td></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​th>​Til Death Do Us Part</​td><​td>​Play as an Untimely death on any character with the marriage icon regardless of that character'​s Self Worth score.</​td></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​th>​To Be or Not to Be</​td><​td>​Move one Untimely Death from a dead character to a living character with negative Self Worth score.</​td></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​th>​Traveler'​s Troubles</​td><​td>​Draw two cards for each living Guest in your family. ​ You may play any or all of these cards immediately,​ discarding any you don't use.</​td></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​th>​Twist of Fate</​td><​td>​Replace the top Modifier on a character with one from your hand.  Keep the Modifier you replace.</​td></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​th>​Unfashionably Late</​td><​td>​Immediately add a Guest that is not being used this game to a family of your choice. ​ If not able to, then move any one living Guest to your family.</​td></​tr>​
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