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 +Each player is a medieval Knight in a Jousting tournament. ​ This is a two player card game.  Cards are also used for the board, only 2 dice and 2 counters are required. Play consists of using 3 cards each turn from a playerGÇÖs own deck GÇô A card to modify where the lance is aimed, a card to change your horseGÇÖs speed and a card to move your knight. ​ Cards are not re-used in a tilt.  ​
 +[[http://​​boardgame/​42251 Boardgame Geek Entry]]
 +===Computer Game===
 +Please note - [[http://​​user/​kingspud Kingspud]] from BGG is currently developing a computer game of these rules.
 +  * [[http://​​Wikka/​wikka.php?​wakka=Joust/​files.xml&​action=download&​file=joust_rules.pdf The Rules]] (60k PDF)
 +  *  [[http://​​Wikka/​wikka.php?​wakka=Joust/​files.xml&​action=download&​file=joust_player1_cards.pdf Card fronts for the first player]] (9mb PDF)
 +  *  [[http://​​Wikka/​wikka.php?​wakka=Joust/​files.xml&​action=download&​file=joust_player2_cards.pdf Card fronts for the second player]] (9mb PDF)
 +  *  [[http://​​Wikka/​wikka.php?​wakka=Joust/​files.xml&​action=download&​file=joust_hitlocation_cards.pdf The hit location cards]] (4.1mb PDF)
 +Note - You also require 1 die for each player to record your current speed, and 1 counter each to keep track of where you are aiming.
 +  * [[JoustLists|Lists Cards]] (5 cards)
 +  * [[JoustOther|Other Cards]] (8 cards)
 +  * [[JoustShield|Shield Cards]] (4 cards for each player)
 +  * [[JoustHit|Hit Location Cards]] (18 cards)
 +  * [[JoustAim|Aim Cards]] (9 cards for each player) ​
 +  * [[JoustKnight|Knight Cards]] (9 cards for each player)
 +  * [[JoustHorse|Horse Cards]] (8 cards for each player)
 +Print your own decks at Artscow-
 +=====The Board=====
 +There are 14 empty spaces between each Knight and the centre of the tilting field. ​ Place board cards in this order - 1,2,3,2 (upside down),1 (upside down). ​ Place them end to end.  Put the knight cards such that the arrow points at the last square (it has a star on it) at either end.
 +Place the board, and randomly determine the player who will place their aim counter on one of the four starting location on the hit location chart.
 +  * The other player then places their aim counter on a starting location (it may be the same one).
 +  * The starting locations are **A1**, **A5**, **D1**, **D5**
 +Horses start at speed 0.
 +=====The Turn=====
 +   - Both players must put face down in front of them 1 Aim card, 1 Horse card and 1 Knight card.
 +   - Players turn over **aim** cards and resolve them.
 +   - Players turn over **horse** cards and resolve them.
 +   - Both horses accelerate unless cards change their behaviour.
 +    * If a horse is travelling at less than 6 speed, increase its speed by 1.
 +   - Move the horses.
 +    * Check for **The Break**.
 +    * Check for **The Impact**.
 +   - Players turn over **knight** cards and resolve them.
 +All actions are simultaneous.
 +====Hit Locations====
 +<table border=2"​ width="​900">"​
 +<tr valign=top"​ height="​75"><​td width="​75"​ colspan="​1">&​nbsp
 +</​td><​td colspan="​2"><​strong>​A1</​strong><​br>​Far left of head<​br>​Miss<​br><​u>​START</​u></​td><​td colspan="​2"><​strong>​A2</​strong><​br>​Left of head<​br>​Miss<​br></​td><​td width="​150"​ colspan="​2"><​strong>​A3</​strong><​br>​Head<​br>​+2 Impact<​br></​td><​td width="​150"​ colspan="​2"><​strong>​A4</​strong><​br>​Right of head<​br>​Miss<​br></​td><​td width="​150"​ colspan="​2"><​strong>​A5</​strong><​br>​Far right of head<​br>​Miss<​br><​u>​START</​u></​td><​td width="​75"​ colspan="​1">&​nbsp
 +<tr valign=top"​ height="​75"><​td width="​150"​ colspan="​2">&​nbsp
 +</​td><​td width="​150"​ colspan="​2"><​strong>​B1</​strong><​br>​Left of chest<​br>​Miss<​br></​td><​td width="​150"​ colspan="​2"><​strong>​B2</​strong><​br>​Chest - Left<​br>​+1 Impact<​br></​td><​td width="​150"​ colspan="​2"><​strong>​B3</​strong><​br>​Chest - Right<​br><​br></​td><​td width="​150"​ colspan="​2"><​strong>​B4</​strong><​br>​Right of chest<​br>​Miss<​br></​td><​td width="​150"​ colspan="​2">&​nbsp
 +<tr valign=top"​ height="​75"><​td width="​150"​ colspan="​2">&​nbsp
 +</​td><​td width="​150"​ colspan="​2"><​strong>​C1</​strong><​br>​Left of torso<​br>​Miss<​br></​td><​td width="​150"​ colspan="​2"><​strong>​C2</​strong><​br>​Torso - Left<​br>​+1 Impact<​br>​+1 Balance to opponent</​td><​td width="​150"​ colspan="​2"><​strong>​C3</​strong><​br>​Torso - Right<​br><​br>​+1 Balance to opponent</​td><​td width="​150"​ colspan="​2"><​strong>​C4</​strong><​br>​Right of torso<​br>​Miss<​br></​td><​td width="​150"​ colspan="​2">&​nbsp
 +<tr valign=top"​ height="​75"><​td width="​75"​ colspan="​1">&​nbsp
 +</​td><​td colspan="​2"><​strong>​D1</​strong><​br>​Left of Leg<​br><​em>​BREAK</​em><​br><​u>​START</​u></​td><​td colspan="​2"><​strong>​D2</​strong><​br>​Leg - Left<​br><​br><​em>​BREAK</​em></​td><​td width="​150"​ colspan="​2"><​strong>​D3</​strong><​br>​Horse<​br>​Disqualified<​br><​em>​BREAK</​em></​td><​td width="​150"​ colspan="​2"><​strong>​D4</​strong><​br>​Leg - Right<​br><​br>​+1 Balance to opponent</​td><​td width="​150"​ colspan="​2"><​strong>​D5</​strong><​br>​Right of legs<​br>​Miss<​br><​u>​START</​u></​td><​td width="​75"​ colspan="​1">&​nbsp
 +====The Shield====
 +The shield can be in one of four locations, the default location for the shield is **Outward** unless a player changes it through use of cards.
 +There are advantages and disadvantages to using a shield in jousting. ​ The advantage is that it lessens the impact of blows and you can therefore retain your balance more easily. ​ The disadvantage is that it is large and makes your profile larger - some areas that would have been misses otherwise, are now hits.
 +<table border=2">"​
 +<​tr><​th>​Down Shield</​th><​td>​Impact</​td><​th>​Up Shield</​th><​td>​Impact</​td></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​th>​Inward Shield</​th><​td>​Impact</​td><​th>​Outward Shield</​th><​td>​Impact</​td></​tr>​
 +====The Break====
 +When both knights are at range 0 on the map, impact occurs. ​ Even if this is partway during a horse'​s move for their speed.
 +   - Any aim point to the left in levels D (D1, D2 or D3) becomes an automatic miss - the body of the opponent'​s horse blocks the hit.
 +    * If you have an Impact value above 2, your lance breaks as well.  This is not worth any points.
 +   - Move the horses their full move for their speed.
 +====The Impact====
 +   ​- ​  Each player gets a bonus to their Impact value based on the combined speed at which their horses met at range 0.
 +    *  Speeds 2-5 = +0 Impact
 +    *  Speeds 6-10 = +1 Impact
 +    *  Speeds 11-12 = +2 Impact
 +   ​- ​ The knight that has moved furthest gains +1 Impact.
 +    *  Count the squares from each knight to their starting locations.
 +   ​- ​ Add any factors from Knight cards that are still relevant to your Impact total and to your Balance total.
 +   ​- ​ Add any factors from your shield'​s position to your balance.
 +   ​- ​ Add any factors from the hit location being aimed at.
 +**Subtract your opponent'​s total Balance, from your total Impact**
 +  * Impact of 1 = A hit, no result, no points.
 +  * Impact of 2-3 = Break lance. ​ Worth 1 point on the chest, torso or legs, or 2 points if the head. No points anywhere else.
 +  * Impact of 4 or more = Unhorsed. ​ Automatic win.
 +    * If both knights are unhorsed, the knight with the highest impact total wins.
 +After three tilts, if neither player is unhorsed - the player with the highest score wins.
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