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 +======Shield Cards======
 +{{parent page=Joust}}
 +====The Shield====
 +The shield can be in one of four locations, the default location for the shield is **Outward** unless a player changes it through use of cards.
 +There are advantages and disadvantages to using a shield in jousting. ​ The advantage is that it lessens the impact of blows and you can therefore retain your balance more easily. ​ The disadvantage is that it is large and makes your profile larger - some areas that would have been misses otherwise, are now hits.
 +<table border=2">"​
 +<​tr><​th>​Down Shield</​th><​td>​Impact</​td><​th>​Up Shield</​th><​td>​Impact</​td></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​th>​Inward Shield</​th><​td>​Impact</​td><​th>​Outward Shield</​th><​td>​Impact</​td></​tr>​
 +{{gallery showalbum=JoustShield"​}}"​
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