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 +======Mayan Gold======
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 +**Number of Players**: 2-8
 +**Cards**: 1 Deck of normal playing cards
 +**Counters**:​ Assorted counters to represent gold found in the Mayan ruins.
 +**Artifact**:​ A court card.  Worth five points.
 +**Cave Network**: All the face up cards played so far in a game.
 +**Cave Collapse**: If three cards of the same rank (i.e. 3 fives, or 3 jacks) are ever seen face up on the table. ​ This includes cards just played by continuing players and cards that are currently part of the Cave Network.
 +**Continuing Player**: ​ A player that continues into the cave network, expanding it by playing a face up card.
 +**Fleeing Player**: A player retreating out of the cave network for the rest of the game by playing a face down card.
 +Much like the Incan Gold game, it's a game of pushing your luck and knowing when to betray the other players to get away with as much gold as possible. ​ Every turn a player decides whether to play a card to continue journeying into the caves, or to retreat with their current gains. ​ The chances of dying and not making any money increases as players move further into the caves.
 +The difference between this game and the original is that it uses normal playing cards, and there are more choices for the players involved.
 +   - Remove the jokers from the pack.
 +   - Randomly remove cards face down from the pack based on the number of players in the game:-
 +~~2 Players: 32 cards
 +~~3 Players: 22 cards
 +~~4 Players: 12 cards
 +~~5 Players: 12 cards
 +~~6 Players: 10 cards
 +~~7 Players: 10 cards
 +~~8 Players: 12 cards
 +   - Deal the rest of the deck evenly to all players face down.
 +   - Players now pick up their cards, look at them and arrange them how they like.
 +   - Give one discarded card to each player. ​ The players may look at these cards but not use them in their hands- their purpose is to hide what card is being played in a round. ​ The card remains on the table in front of the player, face down.
 +   - Place one Joker card face up in the middle of the table. ​ When the cave network is created by placing cards face up on the table, they should be placed to build outwards from the joker - that way it can be seen which cards are the outermost cards.
 +====Each Round====
 +Each round the players decide whether to proceed forward or to retreat.
 +   - Each player takes a card from their hand and places it either face up or face down underneath the covering card on the table.
 +   - After all players have put a card underneath the covering card, all players slide the covering card off simultaneously.
 +    * **Face Up Card** - The player is continuing into the caves.  ​
 +    * **Face Down Card** - The player is fleeing the caves.
 +===Resolve Fleeing Players===
 +   - The face down card is discarded. ​ The card remains face down and may not be looked at by anyone for the remainder of this game.
 +   - All counters on the Joker are evenly split amongst all the fleeing players.
 +   - Counters that cannot be split evenly are placed on the Joker and will be available for the next fleeing player(s).
 +   - Remove all court cards from the cave network. ​ Court cards are Artifacts and are worth 5 points each.  Distribute the court cards evenly amongst the fleeing player(s).
 +   - Court cards that cannot be split evenly are placed back into the cave network and will be available for the next fleeing player(s).
 +   - Fleeing players remain out of the rest of the game .
 +===Resolve Continuing Players===
 +   - The face up cards are placed next to any existing face up cards currently on the table.
 +   - If there are three of the same rank cards face up on the table (either number or court cards), the cave has collapsed and all players are killed - the game is over and no continuing player is able to keep any counters they have thus far retrieved in this game.
 +   - For all the numbered, non-court, cards played - take that amount of counters and evenly distribute them amongst the players who continued.
 +    * Do not include any face up cards that are part of the cave network that were played in a previous round.
 +    * Do not include any counters on the Joker.
 +   - Any counters that cannot be split evenly are placed on the Joker and will be available for the next fleeing player(s).
 +====Game End====
 +The game ends when the cave collapses, or when the continuing players run out of cards.
 +  * If the continuing player(s) successfully make it all the way through the cave system without it collapsing (they play all their cards and there are never three of a kind in the entire cave network) - then they may take any artifact cards (court cards) and counters on the Joker and evenly split them amongst the survivors. ​ Remaining cards and counters are discarded.
 +===New Game===
 +Five games should be played. ​ For every new game, all the cards apart from the Jokers should be reshuffled - so discarded cards will be different for each game.
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