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 +======Trove Action Cards======
 +<html><a rel="license" href="">
 +<img alt="Creative Commons License" style="border-width:0" src="" />
 +<br />This work is licensed under a 
 +<a rel="license" href="">Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License</a>.</html>
 +**Name** / __Type__ /  //Description// /Rules
 +  * **New Contributor** / __good__ / //A new contributor has added their data to your category// / 2 spaces towards your island
 +  * ** Improved Metadata** / __good__ / //Due to more detailed and standardised metadata about your category, the user can find it more easily// / 3 spaces towards your island
 +  *  **New Relevance Ranking Formula** / __good__ /  //Results that the user may want are appearing first!// / 1 space towards your island
 +  *  **FRBR Combining** / __good/bad__ /  //Items that are actually similar have been put in the same work and are easy to find/Items have been badly combined and are completely misleading.// / 1 space towards your island/cancel a move by another player.
 +  *  **Buggy Filter** / __bad__ / //Regular expressions or the XSLT have failed to turn gobbledegook into english// / cancel a move by another player.
 +  *  **Internet Data Loss** / __bad__ / //Not all information in a form post was sent// / cancel any card just played.
 +  *  **Bad Cache** / __bad__/ //The page didn't load properly, clear cache and reload// / reset the researcher's counter back to where it started.
 +  *  **Slow Connection** / __bad__/ //The researcher is using dialup at lunch time// / all moves of the researcher counter are halved (rounded down) until your next turn (except for a New Release card).
 +  *  **Hacker** / __bad__/ //Comments and tags have crashed the system, the researcher leaves in disgust// / discard the researcher card and draw a new one.  Draw a new start card.
 +  *  **New Release** / __good__ / //New features and bug fixes!// / move the researcher counter to any space on the board.
 +  *  **Deep Linking** / __good__ / //A supplier's catalogue is now searchable through Trove!// / move 1 space in any direction.
 +  *  **Third Party Supplier** / __good__ / //A new supplier is added to the get this item"// / move 2 spaces in any direction."
 +  *  **Timeout** / __good/bad__ /  // The user gets bored and just clicks on something randomly.// / the turn ends and the researcher goes to the closest island.
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