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 +======Caer Goutodin======
 +{{parent page=WarDB}}
 +Possibly the most famous British Kingdom Goutodin, or Goddoin as it is named in the heroic British poem, had its capital at Din Eidyn, modern Edinburgh. It is a single province kingdom, formerly part of Alt Clut but gaining its independence in the mid-fifth
 +With the fall of Bernaccia to a foederati coup dGÇÖetat in 547AD Goutodin became host to the deposed King Morgan and, as a result, was exposed to endless Saxon raiding. A confederation of northern Kingdoms was formed around 590AD, but the famous ride to glorious defeat in 597AD spelled the end of Goutodin as a kingdom.
 +A campaign set in Goutodin should begin in 570AD with the Saxons attacking from Ynys Medcaut.
 +Provinces: 1
 +  * Din Eidyn, City Walls with farming (2d6+6 months to siege)
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