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 +{{parent page=WarDB}}
 +||0||An Empty Purse||
 +||1||A Beggars Bowl||
 +||2||A ThiefGÇÖs Horde||
 +||3||A TribuneGÇÖs Tribute||
 +||4||A PatricianGÇÖs Purse||
 +||5||A PrefectGÇÖs Riches||
 +||6||A PrinceGÇÖs Chest||
 +||7||A KingGÇÖs Treasury||
 +||8||A ConsulGÇÖs Coffers||
 +||9||An EmperorGÇÖs Ransom||
 +||10||The Riches of Rome||
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