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 +======War Games======
 +=====Current Campaigns=====
 +====Judge Dredd====
 +[[WarJD|Judge Dredd]] Miniatures game campaign.
 +====In Her Majesty's Name====
 +Steampunk skirmish rules for thematic companies with a higher than average storytelling component for wargames :)
 +[[WarIHMN|In Her Majesty's Name]] is by [[|Craig Cartmell & Charles Murton]]
 +=====Expansions, Utilities and Variants=====
 +Hosting cheesesailor77's 2 page FUBAR/FoW quickplay rules for those not able to access Google Drive
 +  * {{:games:wargame:retroboomtest.pdf|Version 01}}
 +  * {{:games:wargame:retroboomv03.pdf|Version 03}}
 +  * {{:games:wargame:retroboomv04.pdf|Version 04}}
 +  * {{:games:wargame:retroboomv05.pdf|Version 05}}
 +  * {{:games:wargame:retroboomv06.pdf|Version 06}}
 +===Dux Britainniarum===
 +[[WarDB|Dux Britainniarum]] by [[|Two Fat Lardies]] - narrative, light rules set for miniature campaigns set in the Dark Ages.  Specifically 450-600 AD, the Arthurian era with the immigration/invasion of the Saxons.  Later there may be campaign rules for multiple kingdoms, sieges and other forces (Jutes, Angles, Picts, Vikings etc).
 +===Three Plains===
 +I recently found this - Three Plains a wargame with free rules and free to print off models to play the game with, which is a very cool thing!  Looking at its rules, it seem to be a lot like Warhammer Fantasy in some ways. Here's the link for you guys to check it out for yourselves.
 +<html><a href="">Get Three Plains a bit like Warhammer Fantasy</a></html>
 +===Space Empires 4X===
 +[[WarSe4|Space Empires 4X]] by [[|GMT Games]]
 +===Dystopian Wars===
 +[[WarDystopian|Dystopian Wars]] by [[|Spartan Games]]
 +[[WarRudis|Rudis]] the 1980 game published by Tabletop Games.
 +===Doctor Who Miniatures Game===
 +[[WarDoctorWho|Doctor Who Miniatures Game]]  - Various utilities and information for the [[|free wargame]] by [[|Crooked Dice]]
 +===Giant Monster Rampage===
 +[[WarGMR|Play Aids]] and useful information for playing this miniatures based game.
 +====Morituri Nolumus Mori====
 +My incredibly detailed swordfighting rules.  Apologies to Terry Pratchett for stealing his Latin phrase "we who are about to die don't want to" These rules are about as realistic as I can get them and still be playable.  They're meant to be a replacement for whatever roleplaying game you're using so you'll need to adapt them to whatever abstractions are used in your system.
 +[[WarMNM|Morituri Nolumus Mori]] 
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