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 +====== Judge Dredd Miniatures Game ======
 +|  Go back to ^ [[:games:wargame:start|Wargames]] |
 +  * Information from the [[:roleplaying:campaignjudgedredd|D20 RPG]]
 +  * Rules are available at [[|DriveThruRPG]] for $30 AUD.  You can buy the hardcover from [[|Mongoose Publishing]] for $56 AUD
 +    * {{:games:wargame:jd:judge_dredd_miniatures_game_free.pdf|The Free version of the rulebook}}
 +    * [[|Official Primer]]
 +    * Note: Mongoose Publishing initially made available a 108pg 14mb PDF rulebook for the game free. The current version of the rulebook is not free, is 242 pages and 58mb in size.  It includes new troop types and rules that appeared in the Block War kickstarter (the rules additions made in the kickstarter may still be found free on the internet)
 +    * [[|Video review of the rulebook]]
 +  * Official Errata download [[|here]] and [[|here]]
 +  * [[|Roster Sheet]]
 +  * What [[|TMP folk]] think of the game
 +===== Campaign=====
 +I'll have things ready by March this year - it's when folk may have spare time to actually play.  It'll be the "Blood on the Streets" style campaign which includes controlling territories, taking hostages from other players and managing a gang's equipment.  It's very similar to Necromunda.
 +However - the campaign is worded for criminal gangs.  So if playing Judges - regard credits as "citizens unharassed and able to support their local sector house" and it helps requisitioning.  Also mercenaries are allies and re-inforcements for Judges.
 +===== Miniatures =====
 +Due to a trade with someone who backed the kickstarter, I've the following unpainted miniatures
 +  * Justice Dept – Street Judge 1 (150c); Street Judge 2 (150c); Street Judge 3 (150c); Psi-Judge (175c); Tek-Judge (160c); Med-Judge (150c); Riot Judge with Shield (190c); Riot Judge with Foam (190c).
 +  * Caligula's Personal Retinue – Chief Judge Caligula (150c); 2x SJS Judge (225c); Street Judge (150c); Street Judge 2 (150c); 2x Klegg 1 (190c); Klegg 2 (190c)
 +  * Angel Gang – Cursed Earth’s fave psycho family: Pa  (205c), Link (195c), Fink (with Ratty) (285c), Junior (165c) and Mean (325c) - with Mean in full head buttin' mode, turned up all the way to 4½!
 +  * Cursed Earth Desperados - 2x Desperado with Cleaver (65c); Mutant with Handgun (30c); Mutant with Stump Gun (30c); 2x Desperado with Axe (45c); Mutant with Double-barrelled Stump Gun (35c); Desperado with Dual Weapons (55c)
 +  * __Street Gang__ – Juve with club (15c); Juve with handgun and club (25c); Juve girl with handgun (20c); Juve with handgun 1 (20c); Juve with handgun 2; Juve with Handgun 3 (20c); Punk with heavy spit gun (95c); Punk with laser rifle (90c)
 +  * **Renegade Robots** – Combat Droid (210c); Demolition Droid (180c); Junk Droid (25c); Servo Droid with Chainsaw (90c); Servo Droid with Stump Gun (50c); Servo Droid with Spit Gun (90c); 2x Robot Dogs (30c).
 +  * Specialist Judges - Med-Judge with Lightweight Armour (120c); Academy of Law Tutor (250c); Tek-Judge with Lightweight Armour (130c); Flying Squad Judge (aka jump-pack judge); Space Corps Judge (270c); Heavy Weapons Judge (175c); Female SJS Judge (225c); Exorcist Judge (190c). 
 +  * Holocaust Judges - 2x Holocaust Judge HS/1 (500c); 1x Holocaust Judge HS/2 (500c) 
 +  * Judges of the World - Emerald Isle Judge; Hondo City Judge; Luxor Judge; Oz City Judge; Texas City Judge; Cal-Hab Judge; Banana City Judge; Vatican City Judge) 
 +  * 2x East Meg Invasion Force (Sov Judges) – each contains three Sov Judges (95c), a Senior Sov Judge (320c), a Sov Officer (100c), a Satellat (?c) and a Sentenoid (275c). 
 +  * Dark Judges - Judges Fire (800c), Fear (800c), Death (900c) and Mortis (800c), along with each of their 'spirit' forms. 
 +  * Citi-Def - Citi-Def Officer (95c), Citi-Def Soldier 1 (100c); Citi-Def Solider 2 (100c); Citi-Def Soldier with twin spit pistols (125c); Heavy Weapons Soldier (150c); Soldier with Rocket Launcher (150c); Jaeger Squad Commando (175c); Med-Tech (80c). 
 +  * Demonic Cabal – Warlock (50c); Cultist 1 (20c); Cultist 2 (20c); Cultist 3 (20c); Possessed cultist (20c); Lesser Demon (50c); Large Demon (100c). 
 +  * Zombie Mistress (95c)
 +  * Zombie Judge (?c)
 +  * 3x zombie citizens (15c) 
 +  * Judge Dredd 1 (625c) 
 +  * Judge Dredd 2 (625c)
 +  * Judge DeMarco (275c)
 +  * Chief Judge Hershey (465c)
 +  * **Psi-Judge Anderson** (570c)
 +  * Judge Dekker (250c)
 +  * **Judge Giant** (375c)
 +  * **Judge cadet - male** (75c)
 +  * **Judge cadet - female** (75c) 
 +  * Chief Judge Caligula (150c)
 +  * SJS Judge (225c)
 +  * Specialist Weapons Judge (with choice of Lawrod or Widowmaker)
 +  * Walter the Robot 
 +  * Galen De Marco, PI (250c) and Travis Perkins (200c)
 +  * Exorcist Judge (190c)
 +  * Mechanismo Mk 1 (295c)
 +  * Fergee, King of the Big Smelly (155c)
 +  * Sabbat (700c)
 +  * Oola Blint (70c)
 +  * Electro-Cordon (25c)
 +Bought since the Kickstarter
 +  * **Ape Gang**
 +**Bold Text** = To be painted \\
 +__Underlined Text__ = Painted \\
 +(?c) = cost in credits
 +  * [[warjdminis]]
 +===== Terrain =====
 +I've also got some cardboard terrain that arrived around August 2014 from another kickstarter (yet to be assembled).  It includes the following terrain:
 +Which can make something like thise:
 +{{:games:wargame:stronghold setup.jpg?direct|}}
 +Another trade has arrived in the mail - assembled and partially painted-
 +Another trade for old Games Workshop Genestealer Hybrid army-
 +Stuff I bought at CanCon 2015, but haven't yet finished painting
 +{{:games:wargame:1415102516183_blockhouse05.jpg?direct&200|}}{{:games:wargame:1415102508965_blockhousemantic04.jpg?direct&200|}} This MDF building unfolds into 2 storeys.  I've got 4 of them
 +{{:games:wargame:t-section_grande.jpg?direct&200|}} 3 of these 
 +{{:games:wargame:walkwayclosed_grande.jpg?direct&200|}} 4 of these - all assembled, not yet painted.
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